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Thread: Film Company looking for courageous young person

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    Film Company looking for courageous young person


    My name is Christian Balibrera and I am producing a feature documentary on embryonic stem cell therapy. My company is looking for a paralyzed young (@15-27 yrs) person to accompany our crew as we seek out the foremost researchers and ESC therapists in the world, and to receive ESC therapy. Our goal is threefold: to inform the American public the truth and end the campaign of disinformation that is being perpetrated by people with opposing interests; to make a feature documentary for broadcast on television, DVD, and theatrical release; and most of all, to help a paralyzed person walk.

    The chosen candidate will be courageous, outspoken, able to handle difficult situations (I guess you proved that one already!), and dedicated to the possibility of making life better for thousands of others also suffering from illness and disability. You will meet up with celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, and media (especially after release). As we may find ourselves anywhere in the world we will pay for your travels and expenses. In return you will star in our film.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Chris Balibrera

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    First name that popped into my head that i could envision doing something like this is JDR..

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    I had the same thought.

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    Several names come to mind: JDR, determined2heal, Buckwheat, Chaz19, jplw, November, Theophania, Steven Edwards, Shawn O'Connell, Kiran A, CurlieQCarrie, etc. I wish I could think of you all off the top of my head. All of you guys would be great, IMO.

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    Contribute to Counter Mis-Information!

    Looks like nanog films has already found people to star in their documentary, and now need the financial support from us to help make their venture of countering mis-information successful.

    Please consider contributing whatever you can. ( the Cure forum currently has two threads going that show the extend of the mis-information: it is frequently and erroneously reported that ASC have "cured" paralysis......)

    From the Nanogfilms website:

    Lives in the Balance

    Nanog Films is a non-profit organization created to produce films that make a difference. Our award-winning writers, directors, and producers are dedicated to improving quality of life for everyone and we feel that Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs) are central to that ideal. If the results of real-world application live up to laboratory promise, it becomes hardly possible to overstate the impact ESCs will have. It could mean the end of cancer, of heart disease, of Alzheimers and AIDS, of virtually every disorder we know of. Both ESC therapy and our role as media in bringing this new technology to global awareness are of historic import.

    There is now, however, an active disinformation campaign, and the people in power, if not actively involved in perpetuating that misinformation, are allowing our future to be guided by ingorance. For this reason Nanog is on a mission: We are producing STEM CELL, a fast-paced feature documentary that tells the story of Gianluca, a champion athlete, and Jennifer, a young girl paralyzed from the waist down, on a quest to find a cure. We are actually expecting Jennifer to walk again! (--as dId the Korean woman last December, who had been paralyzed for 20 years). Jennifer will be the inspiration for all of America.

    All profits from STEM CELL will be donated to stem cell research, and invested in educational films promoting health and an informed America. By simple donation you can join Nanog and together we can create a better, healthier future.

    Your participation is decisive.
    Your participation is tax deductible

    Thank you for your commitment.
    Marina Cocolios

    "There’s far too much unthinking respect given to authority,” Molly Ivins explained; “What you need is sustained outrage.”
    Kerr, Keirstead, McDonald, Stice and Jun Yan courageously work on ESCR to Cure SCI.

    Divisiveness comes from not following Christopher Reeve's ESCR lead.
    Young does ASCR.
    [I]I do not tear down CRPA, I ONLY make peopl

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    Smile Participation

    My son Jordan is 20 years old, 3 years post injury T4 complete from a gsw.
    He is in good health and very outspoken. Not afraid to speak his min or take an a challenge.

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