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Thread: World Series tickets

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    Talking World Series tickets

    I'm going to watch the World Series game this saturday game 1. Can't wait. I'm so anxious. I went to the ALCS game on Oct. 11th and was interviewed on the local news station here. The segment lasted about 15 seconds.
    Lets go WHITE SOX!!!!!!

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    Screw the SOX and I know what you paid for those freakin tickets and you're crazy. They might win but wont be as loved as the Cubbies are in this town. They are always gonna be known as the second team around here..LOL..Enjoy the game buddy..


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    88yrs...Geez, I'd say they're due lol...Good Luck have a blast Nick!

    PS: As far as the cost of tics, sometimes some things are worth it. A chance of a lifetime...good on ya.
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    Good job Nick, enjoy. Congrats to the WSox!

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    Go Sox!


    Have fun...I'm jealous. When you are old and grey you'll remember this game and a few bucks would have been spent elsewhere...I agree with MG...

    JJ - Your Cubbies blew it two years ago...

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    Go Sox! Helluva a game 2.

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