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Thread: My DVD audio stopped working last night...and I was stuck in bed

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    My DVD audio stopped working last night...and I was stuck in bed

    Does anyone know what could've caused this? I was at the end of a Six Feet Under episode on DVD and then whoooooooooosh, complete silence. I turned the channel from Auxilary to CNN, CNN worked fine, but when I turned it back to Aux, silence. I even turned the DVD player on and off, reset the DVD to the DVD menu, still complete silence.

    And even with the DVD player turned off, there's not even any static noise when Aux is turned on.

    Anyone know that could be wrong? My DVD player is only one-month old, but the TV is at least 7-8 years old. Its a tiny one with a built-in VCR.

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    Have you tried any other DVD's? It could just be a bad DVD. Also try another set of cables, and a different TV. This should tell you if its your DVD player or not.

    Good luck

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    Pretty much agree with what Patonb has suggested. You may also have a bad DVD player even though it is only one month old. This recently happened to me with a DVD player that I purchased from Best Buy. The in-store warranty/policy is 30 days (I had the DVD player for less than two months) and fixing it did not make economical sense. I decided to get a new DVD player but this time I made the purchase at Costco (at least a six-month in-store warranty).
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    thx guys for your answers. i tried a new DVD, new cords, still no sound. so then i took your advice and tried it on my living room TV. voila! it worked! so now i know its my bedroom TV, right?

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    Most likely it's your audio channel on the aux input. Is there only one aux input? I remember many of those tv's with built in vcr's have one input in the back and a second input on the front. If it has a secodary channel that might work. If not, and you still want to use the dvd player on that tv, your only other option is an rf modulator. You can get one at radio shack pretty cheap. Not the best alternative but it will work. Another way is if you have an old spare vcr, you can use that as a modulator. Connect the dvd to the inputs on the vcr, connect the vcr to the rf on the tv turn to channel 3 on tv and line in on vcr and watch the dvd. Best advice.. New TV!

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    i got a new TV for $100 at target. a 20" flat screen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theophania
    i got a new TV for $100 at target. a 20" flat screen!
    Why can't I ever come accross this stuff?

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    arg. another question. after hooking up my new basic cable channels over channel 14 aren't coming in. theres just blue screens and the TV says "no signal." i tried autoprogramming...still nothing. did i not hook up my TV properly with the cable cord in the back?

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    make sure the box is set to catv.
    my new tv did this - only go to channel 14 until I switched it over. even got signal on the 2-13.

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    should be a cable tv setting to tell the tv what signal it is getting

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