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Thread: Quad Drowned in a Hot tub

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    Quad Drowned in a Hot tub

    A health care agency is in deep trouble. One of their aides left a quad with respiratory problems (has a trach) alone in a hot tub for a few minutes and he was submerged and weakly struggling when the aide came back. He died at the hospital. First of all, a doctor must've prescribed hot tub therapy for him and he never should have, right? Second, that aide shouldn't have left him alone. I've never used a harness, but they must not keep you that safe if you have a spasm and that quad might have.

    I hope it's not a case of milking the quad for as much money as they could get from him. I'm horrified that this happened and hope if you're a quad with a trach that you don't use a hot tub.


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    this is awful

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    I would never have even implemented that order. No one in that situation should be immersed in water without serious supervision and constant hands on. Even then with a trach that is open...NEVER. How horrible.

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    This is terrible and negligent on behalf of that place. I hope the family sues them for all they have. Truly sad.

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    This is just too sad...

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    this is so sad to hear. i do hope that they sue, rightfully so.... i thought of getting a hot tub a while back, but a dr. told me that the temp. had to be no warmer than 85 degrees because of our muscles loosening up then tightening up after.... i wonder why he was there in the 1st place.

    my thoughts and prayers go out to his family....

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    yikes, tough story, sorry.

    Any common sense would hopefully tell someone that quads+trachs+hot tub+ignorant pca = trouble.

    I have a hot tub but never go in alone.

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