OK, so we have a few fun time waster threads going on. I'm enjoying them. Let's see how many will respond here, see how many individuals will keep this going with their single ALL TIME favorite song.

So, what I want to know is: What is your ALL TIME Favorite Song, and WHY?


The Load Out/Stay by Jackson Browne
B/C it was almost prophetic of my life. Listening to it as a young child I said "I want to be a roadie" having no idea what a "roadie" was. fast forward 20 some odd years later and I realized the I was living that dream as I was driving home from a "load out" watching the "load-in sun" come up, knowing another crew was setting up the next show in another town....WHOA, I have made it. I am living out my dream! What a great tribute song for all of us "techies" or "roadies" and an inspiration.

Sooo....who's next? What's your ALL TIME favorite song? Why? How has it affected you? Please share....