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Thread: online games?

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    online games?

    If I am not reading carecure I am usually playing a game of Literati on Yahoo games ... its just like scrabble - love it! What do you play?? where? I need to change it up sometimes!

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    yahoo pool and spades. superstars poker. snood.
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    Sudoku. I'm addicted.
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    I'm a Scrabble player and at one time even had the PC version but never played it online. How can you play Scrabble online and not run into a lot of cheaters? I'm as honest as the day is long and wouldn't cheat but I know from when I e-golfed online there were cheaters coming outta the woodwork. I only fly a combat flight simulator online now (Lock On:Modern Air Combat/Flaming Cliffs v.1.11) and there are people who cheat doing that. If it's possible to cheat someone will find a way to do it.

    But Scrabble really lays itself open to cheating because all anyone needs is a dictionary by their side or have another window open to any of the many online dictionaries. Or even a word creating software program. The honor system on the Internet? Yeah, right!

    Let's face it... Scrabble is a very competitive game and some people just hate to lose. Especially if they're playing for $.25 a point!
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    Haven't played recently, but literati freak here. Dominoes too.

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    BOB you do run into cheaters ... but on literati you can set time limits and when you are cheating and have to be looking words up and placing them on the board you can easily lose a game - I don't care if someone is cheating .. I am not there for the win, I like the challenge (I do prefer to win though!)

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    PLAY COUNTER STRIKE... CONDITION ZERO IS MY PREFERENCE. Although this is quite different than the category recognized in the above games I think it's a great way to pass time. Basically its a game where u try to kill people, with players from all over the world. 10000ssss of servers, find many people, and maybe even bring out some competitive edge . I know everyone is going to be like wow what a moron, but it's the only online game I play and it's real fun, especially when you get decent...


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    my fav games are found on they have everything on there!

    i like alchemy or rocket mania
    that's just the way I roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Haven't played recently, but literati freak here. Dominoes too.
    Amen. I have noone cool to play literati/scrabble with offline so we need to set up some games again Beth. I could play Dominoes, Spades, or dice for life! When my friends tire of it I have to resort to yahoo online.
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