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    As a quad with limited grip I really miss my Xbox and PS2 games. Have bought a large controller which is ok for golf but rubbish for Halo etc.

    What are other quads playing? I like Sims 2 on PC but have to admit I've never been much of a PC gamer.

    Anyone have a Nintendo DS? I wondered about the touch screen......
    C5/6 incomplete

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    yea i definitely miss my ps2....i really miss madden, ncaa football

    ive become more of a PC gamer since then.....i play sims 2, age of empires II, age III is coming out soon i think....

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    i'm a quad with no grip, just got back into gaming a few months ago.

    i suggest picking up more rpgs, they usually use menu interfaces so fine controll isn't needed. Chrono Trigger(snes) rocks

    i use the standard dual shock for the ps2
    i use an IBM keyboard with integrated trackpoint mouse, like thinkpad laptops

    games i've beaten without cheating


    Kingdom Hearts
    Katamari Damacy


    Diablo 2
    Chrono Trigger (rom)

    working on:


    Shadow Hearts
    Midnight Club 3
    We love Katamari
    La Pucelle


    Tetris (rom) i can get to lvl 13 where i get crushed
    Fable: Lost Chapters

    pc specs, don't laugh

    emachine (stop laughing)
    2.8 ghz intel celeron
    80 gig hd
    512 mb ram
    crappy speakers
    cd-rw (removed)
    3.5" floppy (removed)
    crappy keyboard & mouse (removed)


    ATI 9200se(you're laughing again)
    IBM Trackpoint IV keyboard/mouse
    Bose Triport headphones

    buying soon:

    sound card
    512 ram
    2nd hard drive
    2.1 speakers
    joystick (try fragging again)

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    How do you use the standard dual shock for ps2? I'm a C5-6 with no finger movement. I use a gamepad controller that has all the buttons on the front. But I'm kind of limited to the games I can play, because not all games work with the controller. I used to play a lot of games on game consoles, but now mostly pc games. I play Halo, Half Life 2, and Battle for Middle Earth on the pc.

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    Hi Jon 0,

    Does that e-Machine have an AGP or PCI-E video card slot in it? If you're gonna game you really should have a decent video card instead of just using the motherboard's onboard graphics chip. This way you can keep your computer upgraded with a new video card every once in awhile. The P4_2.8GHz is a decent processor so you'd really see a big difference by just putting in an nVidia GF6800 or ATI X-850 or something in that neighborhood. They're coming down a lot in price.

    I was shocked to learn that some computers don't have video card slots/ports. There's no way to upgrade. That sux!
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    kingdom hearts is action rpg type, i use the top of my wrist or backside of hand on the left analog for directional movement and a hand cuff with a poking divice for triangle x box circle, right trigger for magic menu base of right thumb.

    katamari damacy is a weird japanese game where you roll a ball around and it collects junk to get bigger mainly uses both analog stick for control. again backside of hands on the sticks

    midnight club 3 uses the sticks for basic control. left stick steering, right for accelorate and break. though parts of the game uses other buttons so i don't to too well in time trial and motorcycle.

    la pucelle is a stratagy rpg so menus for most actions.

    shadow hearts is rpg with menus attacks/magic require hitting x at the right time for better effect, i'm decent at the timing

    the dynasty warriors series have pretty simple control config too, left stick movement x o square triangle attack junp charge and stuff

    gameplay is easier when the dualshock is in a fixed position
    left stick - left backhand or wrist
    x o triangle box - right hand pokey tool
    left and right triggers - base of thumbs, usually try to avoid using triggers

    prince of persia... i quit playing, some of the jumping puzzle were a pain
    sonic heros is impossable for me as is halo

    i'm looking at an arcade stick so i can try fighting games soon

    whats your control setup for FPS on pc?

    the emachine only has pci slots. i bought the ati 9200se(standard pci) cos it was cheap(40$) and has dvi out. it plays fable a tad bit slow, but still very playable. once i throw in a sound card it should be fine. the emachine will eventually be used for my family's home theater pc and internet box. i'll then take the older family internet box and upgrade that. it has an agp slot. 1.8ghz pentium. probably only need more ram and real video card.
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    You can upgrade your P4_1.8GHz processor to at least a 2.6GHz if you want. It's $135 for the 533MHz version and a whopping $185 for the 400MHz. The 400MHz (423PGA) is higher because people are using the PowerLeap adapter to upgrade their computer with and there may be a slight shortage of them.

    If you have a 478PGA motherboard then it's just an easy swap out. If you have the older 423PGA board then you need a $50 PowerLeap PL_P4/N adapter. You may be able to go as fast as a 3.0GHz processor but they start getting expensive over 2.6GHz so the bang per buck upgrade ratio goes down considerably.

    My new gaming computer just went on the fritz and I need to ship it back to Texas this Monday. So I'm back on my old machine.

    I upgraded this 4 year old Alienware from a P4_1.3GHz to a 2.0GHz and finally to a 2.6GHz. Added some memory for a total of 512mbs and installed a Radeon 9700 Pro video card.

    It plays most games well. But the newly released flight simulators give it a run for its money as would Doom3 and newer games of that complexity. That is if you turn the rez and eye candy up to high or max settings.

    Most of the newer games should have 1 gig of system memory to keep them from accessing the virtual memory during game play.

    I don't play RPG games on my computer. I use it for flight simulators and have a pretty radical TM HOTAS Cougar joystick/throttle combo which has been modded for it. I now only fly Lock On: Modern Air Combat updated to Flaming Cliffs v 1.1. There's a free demo at that link. But it takes a pretty powerful computer to fly it. And you need at least a DirectX8.1 HARDWARE compatible video card and I don't think the 9200SE is one. It should still work but all the lighting effects may not work well.

    I also have Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2 and 3 installed as well as MS Flight Simulator 2004. But I'm like a one trick pony. Trying to remember all the different flight controls from one simulator to the next is a tad difficult. Even though I have full use of my hands I use a free voice activated program called Shoot 1.6.4 for many keystrokes. Check it out... it can be used with any game. It doesn't use up much system resources either. You need .NET Framework and MS Speech Recognition software installed and that's free from Microsoft. You may even have one or both of these MS programs already installed on your computer. The links for them are at the Shoot website. It takes a little while to get it installed properly, configured and a voice profile created but after you do it works great. It's almost flawless. I don't even use a headset with it anymore. I use my computer speakers and a cheap Logitech uni-directional boom microphone.

    If you want to try the the Shoot 1.6.4 program and you need any help let me know.

    And I race NASCAR SimRacing once in awhile. I have a Logitech MOMO force feedback racing wheel for that.
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    For my computer setup, I have a trackball mouse left of the keyboard. It looks like this . I move the ball with my palm, and the left mouse button is easy to hit in that position. In Halo, I changed the keyboard setup so that the foward, left, right, and backwards buttons were the arrow keys. The default keys were w,a,s, and z. I use my knuckle on my little finger to hit the arrow keys.

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    Hi Wheelman,

    My sister bought me that exact trackball mouse as a gift. She (able-bodied) uses it and just loves it. I gave it a try but didn't like it. My hands are fine (para) and when I was trying to get used to it the ball kept falling out of its "socket" and rolling across the floor. Mom always said that I was "rough on things" though! I gave it back to my sister and told her to get her money back or save it as a back-up to hers. I prefer the regular old MS lazer Intellimouse.

    It seems to work well for you. Cool.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    The ball on mine has never fallen out while using it. Maybe the one you had was defective.

    Are you good at flight simulators? I've never tried a combat simulator before, just the regular flight ones. I would do barrel rolls and nose dives with a 747. It was fun.

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