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Thread: lightly used FES bike

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    lightly used FES bike

    selling daughter's lightly used FES bike. Laura was injured almost 4 years ago at C-5 complete. Got new FES about 1 1/2 yrs post injury and used about a year. She began feeling pain/sensation in her legs, and is thus can't use bike anymore. New price was $15,600, and will sell for $7,500, or reasonable best offer.
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    is it the kind you trandfer to seat or can you use from chair

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    Ergys2 bike for sale

    the bike is one you transfer onto. it is an Ergys2 built by Therapeutic Alliances. their website is
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    Seriously interested!

    Please contact me via private message. My son's father said he would buy him a used fes bike, something I tried appealing insurance for over and over again for two years...TY. ~ Teresa
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    Limplaura if by chance you see this and have not sold the ergys2 I need it!!! I can't afford a new one, and have no insurance. Please contact me. I've tried to email and private message you with no luck. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks Billy.

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    Limplaura, Did you sell the bike? Did you use the pads or the stimwear/bioflex? I am looking for either a small pair of pants or the cables for pads.


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    Did You Sell The Fes Bike?


    Have you sold the bike and does it come with the stimulators? I am very interested.

    Please email me at

    Thank you,

    Debbie kelsoe

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    just wondering if you still have the fes bike very interested THANK YOU SCOTT GRAHAM EMAIL

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