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Thread: Groin pain

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    Groin pain

    I am a C6-C7 complete quad one half years post-injury. The last several months I've been experiencing fairly intense groin pain on my right side. My doctor has taken an MRI, and found nothing to explain it. I'm also experiencing lower back pain which seems to be connected with the groin pain. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what might be causing it?

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    Weird Coincidence?

    My husband is also a C6/C7 complete quad. He was two years post injury in July. About that time he started experiencing extreme pain in his lower abdomen and back. It also was on his right side.

    He was taken to emergency 3 times. The first two he was just sent home and put on antibiotics saying he had a bladder infection. The third time I yelled and screamed until he was admitted. Over the next two weeks they ran every test you can imagine trying to find the cause of his pain. They came up with nothing unusual. Eventually his neurologist concluded it had to be some kind of neurological pain, although he thought it strange that it would start that long after his injury. He was sent home on pain medication ~ morphine and valium to be exact. The valium was in case he was having bladder spasms. He was pretty much like a zombie. We slowly reduced his medication to the point where his pain is "usually" manageable and he is not in the twilight zone all day long. Every once in a while it flares up, although I cannot find a common denominator to the flare ups.

    When my husband had his accident he was electrocuted and fell 16 feet off a ladder. He survived through two surgeries ~ he was in rough shape. I have never seen him suffer like he did with this pain. He is not a complainer and it brought him to tears on several occasions.

    I hope you are able to get to the cause of your pain. If you do, I would love to know what they discovered.
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    Do you stretch? Could it be tight hip flexor and/or lower back muscles?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebiggs
    I've been experiencing fairly intense groin pain on my right side.
    Same here. - And only on the right hand side. I believe it has something to do with the bowel systems design on this side of the body, but I’m not sure – wish I knew more about this problem.

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    i get that too , but im a T9 complete , it's not that extreme , its on right side of my abdominal area , i can handle it , i just rather live without it ..

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    Hi Rebiggs,

    From what you are explaining, it seems that you are having sciatic nerve problems in your lower back which are causing also your groin pain. If you wish some advise, please seek an Osteopath, through your doctor to get relief of your pain and / or problems. Being a Special Massage Therapist, I know about these things as I get many clients who complaint of the same thing. It require special techniques and / or treatments for this sort of pain and problems like your.

    If you wish to view my Web Site for extra help, please, view it at: " ". If you wish to contact me, Email me at: " " and it will be a pleasure to help out.

    Good Luck


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    I have got the kind of pain for 5yrs, the doc's can't find any thing wrong I'm a T6 had my hip removed for the back fusion. I had message that seemed tp help for a while, pain med's work if I have a big dose and I don't like to feel dopey. Same go here if you all find out why please let me know.

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    I'm going to schedule appointment with an osteopathic. So far no other doctors have found anything physically wrong. I will keep you posted as I continue my search.

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    I'm a T-5 (probably complete) and don't have groin pain but have had a pain in my right side, below my injury level, for the past 2 years. Either lower right lung or liver area and towards the back. I'm 26 years post injury so this pain which kinda came outta the blue has me baffled. When I get a bladder infection the pain gets worse so I think this area of my abdomen is probably where any abdominal pain manifests itself. Pain meds do absolutely nothing for it but getting drunk does help some. The bitch is that I recently stopped drinking. The pain has me so depressed or dejected that I just don't have the desire anymore.

    I'm not able to associate it with anything. Such as a particular food or drink or before or after a bowel movement etc. I even started taking digestive enzymes and acidophilus capsules to no avail. After 2 years of trying to figure it out I still ain't gotta clue.

    In search of an answer I had an IVP done on my kidneys and they're fine. Also had an abdominal ultrasound and all was fine. The same with chest x-rays.

    In furtherance of my quest I had a CT scan and spine x-rays taken on Tuesday. I have an appointment to see my doctor and go over the results on the 3rd. If I find out anything that may relate to you all I'll be sure to post it.

    I hope it isn't one of those damn mysterious neuro-pains that have no rhyme or reason and worst of all, no cure. But with SCI and my luck...... grrrrr....

    Seems like we can start a right side abdominal pain club!
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    I also have experienced focal pain in my right groin, usually associated with BM or BP. Doctors haven't given me a good explanation.

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