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Thread: Shoulder pain

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    Shoulder pain

    My right shoulder has been bothering me a little for the past few weeks. I decided yesterday that I should maybe start stretching and exercising, which I haven't done in months, and now today my shoulder hurts more.

    Here's what I'm wondering. I know that stretching and exercising is good, but is it only good when you're not already hurting? Should I try to use my shoulder as little as possible and then once it feels better, start up with the stretching?

    I'm not in a lot of pain. It only hurts a little at this point. Sometimes my hand feels a little numb.

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    Well my PT says we shall be careful by doing exercises if it hurts (that means not just a little bit), he says by doing this the brain will recall the exercises with pain which is not a good thing. In your situation as you describes it I don’t think that is the situation. Exercises; you should also be careful by doing arm exercises above your shoulder level, not to much weight to be lifted above your shoulders if you are not familiar with that. That can cause more problems. If in doubt you should ask a PT or someone here on this site for such an exercise program. I do exercises with my arms over the shoulder level, but I have done it for a while and I am very careful about what I do.

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    ice it for a few days rep
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    Shannon - Do exercises that do not cause pain. Strengthen the muscles that are not being overused, this will help stabilize your shoulder and ease the burden on the muscles you are likely overusing.

    Take it real easy with what causes pain. Tendons to your shoulder fit between a narrow space. If they become inflamed then they are at risk for constantly being agitated by virtue of being a little too large. Then it becomes hard to get over the inflammation.
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    Ask your doctor or PT whether "Glucosamine Sulfate" would be an option for you. What Jeff said about tendons is right on the mark.
    I took the glucosamine for about a month before I noticed the improvements, it is not a "quick fix."
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    Thera-bands work awesome for gently stretching ... I know my shoulders act up every once in a while. If it gets really bad, I take glucosamine-condroitin to help.

    I find heat works for me .. but whatever.
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    Definitely continue to stretch and take the exercise slowly. Try ice or heat to help with it. An Ibuprofen will also help the pain due to minor inflammation.

    If this is a chronic problem, Glucosamine has been known to help over time and in the long run.


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    Thanks very much everyone.

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    every crip should take gluco, great stuff rep
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    I know this is an old thread but my left shoulder is killing me. Constant throbbing pain but gets worse during transfers to the right, pressure lifts, and scooting down the bed (scooting up the bed hurts, too, but not as much as down). Any ideas what treatment I should try. Heat/ice? It's warm to the touch in one spot. Any exercise that might help strengthen the muscles that aren't hurting? Thanks.

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