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Thread: English essay on fashion-need your thoughts

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    English essay on fashion-need your thoughts

    Hi everyone, I have an essay I'm working on for english, and I was hoping I could use some of your opinons. It has to be on a fashion related issue (I think this in the stupidest thing!), so I chose the topic: people use fashion to express themselves, but some can't due to dress codes, lack of money, and disabilities. The bulk of my essay will be in the disability part but I was hoping you could help me. I have the fact that we can't really wear skirts, unless they are full length, and we have to watch the length of shirts due to them raising. Are there more things that frustrate you or you miss? Do you fell like you can wear what you want? Just anything to do with fashion/clothing. Thank you so much in advance!

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    Anybody? I don't need essay topics just your thoughts about how your clothing options are limited.

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    Well, where to begin??
    I never wear skirts anymore, never wear heels. Always pants and even then it is so hard to get them high enough at the waist to cover my backside! If they are wide enough to get over my hips then they are very loose around my waist. I don't want to spend the rest of my life wearing jogging pants or elasticated pants - they are so ugly and only really look good if you are actually jogging or being sporty. Neither of which really applies to me! Jeans etc now are mostly low waisted so that's no help. Shoes have to be a size larger because of swelling of the feet - I am already a size 9 american so big enough without the extra expansion.
    Big hassle is that I can't try on shoes or jeans at a shop so there is always the risk that something will not fit.
    Jackets are difficult too - they can't be too long, otherwise there is too much fabric clumped up at the hips - but can't be too short either, nor too tight around shoulders making it difficult to push the chair. Coats of course are out.
    So many things. Five years on, I am beginning to get together a wardrobe that I am happy with, but along the way I have made loads of mistakes.
    I do think that clothes are important - not only do they reflect something of my personality and taste, but they have the power to make me feel good or not. I don't go for makeup, but I do like silver jewellery, and I also have grown my hair long for the first time since I was a teenager. For some reason, even though I am getting on in years (!) I prefer it that way.
    Well Pash, that's my 2 cents worth.
    How do you get around the changes?

    One other thing - everything has to be machine washable. Sweats, bladder accidents, dropping food on lap, mud from wheels...........and so on.
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    No long sleeves, the sleeves get trashed from pushing. Short jackets only, regular blazer length gets caught between the wheels and sides of chair. I wear an afo so have to have 2 diff sizes of shoes. Once Sue P. said no black suits with black makes us look like giant rolling blobs with a head on top LOL. No rings because of my claw fingers and hypersensitivity.

    Mainly I miss boots though.

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    I find what I can wear now I'm in a chair quite restricted.
    I can't wear long floaty sleeves easily, as they get caught in the wheels and dirty.
    Trousers have to be longer than I used to have, as they shorten due to sitting down, and I don't want sock on show.
    like carbar, I can't wear heels, and I need super large shoes, which are hard to find. I was a UK size 8 pre-sci, now I need a 9 at the very least (sometimes a 10) due to fat feet. Always got to make sure shoes are not going to rub my feet, which is tedious.
    Trousers - always gotta think about seams - are they going to cause skin problems? Back pockets are out for me too. Can't buy front-zip trousers, as then I won't be able to put in my usual velcro fastening (which I need to be able to cath).
    Again, like carbar says, not being able to try trousers on in shops means some guesswork is needed. And I agree about the jogging or elasticated pants - they tend to fit the best of any trousers, but in my opnion they do not look nice. So I wear stuff that is less easy to get on and off, but that I like.

    I miss not being able to wear long coats.

    I get fed up of having to think really carefully about garments I'm interested in, but it must be done.

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    i wear whatever the hell i like ex. bikini, skirts, tight shirts, anything i woUld pre SCI! the only thing i'm self conscious of is my toes an feet, so i miss my cute open toed sexy sandals, my feet are swollen and purple from crappy circulation. thank god for these cute ones that cover my toes!

    pants are a pain to fit now. i need them longer because of sitting and dont want to look like a flood is coming.
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    Thanks you guys!

    This is exactly what I'm looking for! I hope you don't mind if I paraphrase or quote you. Thanx again

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    Quote Originally Posted by pash8605
    This is exactly what I'm looking for! I hope you don't mind if I paraphrase or quote you. Thanx again
    Because of my leg bag, I do not wear shorts anymore. Jeans lead to skin breakdown because I sit all day, so I'm stuck with mostly khakis, further limiting the options available in men's clothing.

    ...and the quad belly? Ugh.

    A number of choices for shoes are out because they'll cause breakdown on my ankles, or not give my heel enough support and allow foot drop.

    Accessories are basically shot because they fall or shift out of place and, as a quad, they're nearly impossible to reposition.

    If I think of anything else, I will post it.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    So, if your options are limited by the disability which prevents you from wearing the fashion dictated less by you but by society in general, are you limited from expressing yourself , or are you limited from expressing yourself according to that society's dictates - ie expressing simpy what is 'in' and trendy, what is fashionable at a given moment in time.

    So, are you really limited from expressing yourself, your personhood....
    or are you limited from conforming to a particular expression as defined as acceptable and valuable by society.

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    Like filbert I wear whatever the hell I want. My style is anything funky! I love wearing low rise flared jeans (as close to bell bottoms as I can get) and if they have designs on them even better. I also wear flared hippie style long sleeve tops. I'm addicted to those. There are a few I want on a site, but they are 80 bucks a piece and well that's a bit much for a top!!! They sometimes get caught in my chair, but I am so used to wearing them I'm pretty careful wear the sleeves go.

    I wear rings and bracelets 24/7. They both make noises on my chair, but oh well. I can't be without them.

    For shoes I have found the clogs/platforms work the best. I have three pairs with 4 to 5 inch heels on them and they sit on my chair well. The pair I wear the most have a strap around the back and they are easy to put on. I miss boots, but how my feet are, anything that rubs on the heal will cause a sore and I do not want to deal with that. Platforms are HOT anyways!!

    The only thing I do differently is that I buy my jeans a couple of sizes bigger so they are easier to put on. It's not like they are going to fall off and I wear a belt.

    I have always have and will be a jeans girl, but since I had my surgery am going to be looking for skirts and shorts now. No leg beg to hide under the jeans. Hell yeah!!

    I try never to wear anything too light. Sleeves get dirty too fast from the wheels. Ya won't believe this, but I live in South Freakin Dakota and I don't even own a winter coat!!! They are just too damn bulky to wheel in. I wear my spring one everywhere. It's funky and shiny! I plan on upgrading to a heavier leather one this winter though.
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