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    i had a mri scan and it came back and said 'there was significant myelomalacia post spinal cord transection at c5 level'. ive done search on the net and its got to do with bloodflow but can you give me an explanation in laymens terms pls wise or one of the nurses.


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    Maybe Dr Young can give a better response but my texts here say myelomalacia is sometimes referred to as an abnormal signal within the spinal cord on MRI imaging and/or atrophy of the spinal cord due to nerve cell loss. In some cases it could also indicate spinal swelling but is usually the first definition I found. It could just be a medical term to describe the injury that has already occurred. Maybe Wise Young will see this and shed some different light on this but this is what I know here. PLG

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    At one time there was a post concerning myelomalacia by Dr. Wise Young. I have been searching for it but can't find it. What I remember him saying was that it meant the white matter was bad . The white matter has myelinated axons.

    Can't remember anything else.



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