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Thread: divorce

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    This is a real bummer. Can't really offer any advise for ya. Hope for the best.

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    Yup, it sucks all right... I broke up with my ex before they started the renovations to our house. I wish I could help you more.

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    First, play Phil Collins - "I Don't Care Anymore" and listen to the words. You'll feel better, I promise.

    Second piece of advice is to get an attorney. You can't afford not to.

    Good luck emmy. Tough times but you are tougher.

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    My husband lost the house even with the mods (few but its hard to find a house in the first place). But on a good note, they do tend to give the house to the wife. Good luck and I am sorry about the divorce.

    *note* lost his house from the first marriage....not me. I am keepin him
    - Moody

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    Amidst this tragedy, the hypothetical arises...

    .. What situation prevails in a custody battle: (probaby wrong choice of phrases)
    In a divorce, absent of children or other dependents, where the residence is owned communally, and is substantially modified for the non-independent, sci husband and wife is working..or vice versa...and husband or wife cannot afford to buy the home as part of the separation agreement or divorce terms.
    Under no other mitigating factors, can anyone advise if hardship considerations are afforded to the sci spouse over the non-sci spouse?

    How about if the non-sci falls within sacred cow status?

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    I found out he has a girlfriend, nice!!!

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    TimC - Yes, sci can be a mitigating factor. A well versed attorney in these matters (disability, etc.) is the way to defend the issue.

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    From my own experience,I would suggest doing as Chris Chappell advised..Hire an attorney that is well reputable in divorce proceedings..
    Health conditions can be a factor in the judgement of division,along with others..

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    Quote Originally Posted by emmy
    I found out he has a girlfriend, nice!!!

    Get emotional later. get the attorney yesterday!!!!

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