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Thread: divorce

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    Angry divorce

    My husband left and now wants a divorce. We just built a home a year ago that is suitable for me in a chair. I am now living alone. Is there any laws or ADA stuff that would help me in court to try and keep my home. I would keep it but I can not afford it on SSI and my Job. I make about $2,000 a mos.

    Would I be able to get spouse support and not loose my ssi?

    If you have any info. please email at

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    Sorry to hear things didn't work out. I hope you do get to keep your house. Moving is a pain to begin with let alone finding accessible housing. Sorry I have no legal advice like what you are looking for.
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    Sorry to hear of your situation and hope it ultimately leads to better things for you.

    In regard to social security... you wrote you recieve "SSI," are you sure it is not Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)?

    If you recieve SSDI alimony or support would not be impacted, SSI would be.

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    I am so sorry to hear this Emmy. Wish I knew what to say or had some insight for you.
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    Have you considered roommates?

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    Get a good divorce lawyer right away. Get all the financial records from your marriage that you can. Don't sign ANYTHING without the advice of your own attorney (don't do a do-it-yourself divorce, or share an attorney with your husband).

    Your disability can be considered in any settlement. Impact on your eligibility for benefits will vary depending on your work history, etc. Your attorney should hire an expert to prepare a life-care plan for you. This can be used as the basis for a settlement. Also discuss with the attorney the possibility of a special needs trust.

    I would be very surprised if you are on SSI and not SSDI if you had enough income to build a custom home and were employed. The ADA has nothing to do with your situation.


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    Yes I am on ssdi, Thank you to everyone for your advise and concern.

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    ALL of SCI nurse's advice is excellent IMO.

    Wish you well.

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    Unhappy The title of the thread caught my attention

    No advice here, just wishing you the best.
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    My heart goes out to you. I'm sure he'll claim that the

    disability has nothing to do with it..........
    On a tangental note, maybe this is another good reason for a roommate, homesharing database. We can, and should help each other.

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