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Thread: this spot is taken fat ass!!!!!!!!!

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    this spot is taken fat ass!!!!!!!!!

    ok, i'd just like to hear everyone's opinion .......

    do you think that being fat/obese should be considered a disability?

    because i don't....(i mean to a point i do, there are some circumstances that can't be helped) but i'm talking about the people that weigh 300lbs + because they have bad eating habits or don't feel like taking care of themselves or their bodies.

    why should they be entitled to a w/c parking permit, or disabled parking because they have chosen to abuse thier bodies?

    i'm sorry but i get pissed off when there are no w/c parking spots available and i end up at the back of the lot , only to see some guy that's the width of my volvo station wagon squishing himself in/out of his mini van.....

    or the fact that a large/big person gets 2 seats on an airplane but there are no consessions for a disabled person...we're expected to sit in a regular set, regardless of the room for transfers....

    i'm trying not to bash heavy people, i'm sure they are lots of considerate ones that don't abuse the w/c permits or parking spaces...........but to the ones that do....

    DON'T PARK IN MY FUCKING SPOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    that's just the way I roll.

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    i touched base on that in shannon's thread if you wanted to see it. it's i think on the 4th or 5th page. i only made one post on there.
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    NO it's not a disability to me!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think it is any kind of disability when you can't push yourself away from food!!!!
    Before I got my scooter, my wife took me to town to a wal-mart with her. they had no scooter's available when we looked some fat-asses had them because they were just to daggone lazy to walk!!! I;m not bashing anybody either but being fat is your own choice!! I can say that because I am overweight myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fat and obese people shouldn't be considered "disabled" for purposes of handicapped parking. And I'm almost tempted to say for any purpose. Practically 50% of the damn parking lot would need to designated handicapped parking if that were the case.

    Obesity is a "disease" bought in plastic wrap at the local grocery store and voluntarily consumed. It's not unlike alcoholism. Alcoholism is the only disease that I know of which comes in a bottle and makes you stupid.

    How many people in here could live on 1200 calories a day if it would make you "normal" again? I could live on 500 if it would cure my paralysis.

    I'm not saying that fat and obese people don't deserve understanding because they do. But they also need to stop eating so much and get a grip on it. And I don't want to hear anything about slow metabolism or screwed up thyroid glands. There were NO fat internees in Hitler's or Hirohito's death camps.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    OK...I am not by any means a medical professional...nor do I profess to KNOW if being obese is a disability....but I do know that...

    1. Some people suffer from thyroid problems which LEAD to severe obesity. (A friend in school was in this situation...). I can't tell you HOW many times she got teased over something that was totally NOT her fault.

    2. NOT ALL DISABILITIES CAN BE SEEN WITH THE NAKED EYE. Some things such as heart problems, or breathing problems, or even someone who is blind and has a chauffer make the individual suffering from them unable to "walk long distances" as printed on the Handicapped parking applications.

    3. Some people (such as myself) have birth defects which affect their legs or hips or knees...and do NOT use a wheelchair, but still are unable to walk for long distances...and unable to stand for long periods of time.

    4. Just to be VERY blunt, since you have accused people of being in YOUR handicapped parking spot...those spots are not reserved just for YOU, but for anyone who has justified their handicap to the License Bureau...with a Doctor's approval attached... What the person's Doctor knows about that person, and what you see with your eyes may be two different things.

    Unless you can feel another person's pain and suffering, you can't possibly know what they are going through.

    Just my 2 cents worth...

    Take care, God bless...

    Last edited by teena; 10-11-2005 at 07:29 PM. Reason: hit enter before i was finished...YES i am long-winded...LOL

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    Wow, some compassionate people here.

    Hate us when we are too skinny. Hate us when we are too fat.
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    Methinks the wrath of the non-skinny skanks have just been summond...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex74
    why should they be entitled to a w/c parking permit, or disabled parking because they have chosen to abuse thier bodies?
    And what about people who use a wheelchair as a result of something THEY did - driving too fast, reckless sports, etc. Should they be eligible for a permit under your criteria?

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    if it takes you less effort to push your wheelchair than it does for them to walk, then they need the spot more than you do.

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    Parking is a problem that's for sure. I have a ramp and one day while at work I had to take two parking spaces don't you know it some dump ass put a rude note on my van.. Saying learn how to park!

    We have to do something about this crap......


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