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    hand controls

    about to purchase PHC III hand controls .. they r portable.. why dont people just buy portable and leave em in.. i mean what the use of permanent


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    The same could be said about temporary.

    Different strokes for different folks.

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    that didnt answer my question next please


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    The portable ones aren't as respondsive as "permanent" ones. They tend to be sloppy. However, having portables available sure come in handy if your car is in for repair. They can be quickly installed in a borrowed car.

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    I have both. I'm the only one who drives my car, and I have permanent controls in it. I have portable controls for when I drive my GF's car or other cars (which I do a fair amount). I prefer the permanent ones as they seem less awkward and cumbersome to use. Also, while the portable controls I have are easy enough to install, it does take some time to put them in and take them out . It is nice to just be able to get in my car and go when I want to without having to mess with installing controls each time I've used someone else's car.

    As Chris said "different strokes...." I think it really depends on what your situation is, who else drives your car, how often you drive others' cars, etc.

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