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Thread: not just parking spaces that are abused...

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    not just parking spaces that are abused...

    i decided to move this and maybe it would get more response. has anyone experienced this at concerts, sporting event, ect.

    you know, the more i read all of the post the more i saw that over weight people and slightly older people that are pretty capable of parking in a regular space abuse the wheel chair accessible parking spaces.

    but i've been to several concerts throughout the summer [at the tweeter center in camden] for those living in the south east pa., n.j., da. area. anyway people take up the wheelchair accessible seating just like the parking spaces. not to mention that the wheelchair parking is at a premium there also.

    but i've seen over weight people in the accessible seating. i saw this girl with just a broken leg sitting there. a guy that brought a cane which he basically just carried around. a young couple and the girl supposedly need a cane and they were pretty much dancing behind me and bumping it to me. very irritating.

    also the people in the seats in front of the wheelchair seating stand up when the hit songs are played and you can no longer see. so i got a question for all. would you and should i go to the front? i've started and the staff stop and say that if i go up there i will be in the way if there were ever a fire hazard or an emergency.

    but you know it pisses me off cause i spend good money to sit there. (oh yeah by the way there are no discounts or nothing, the wheel seats are pricey) then the rows in front you stand up and you can't see.

    so its not just parking spaces that are abused by able bodied persons.

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    This always frustrates me. I have experienced the same at concerts, sporting events, etc.
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    i can totally understand what you are saying........ i've been to a ton of concerts at numerous venues and experienced the samething!!!

    i don't think it makes sense to have 12 w/c seats in an arena or stadium that seats 18,000 and charge the same price for seats. i think that it's a form of discrimination.

    what i've found is.....i wrote to the venue directly and complained. now i know it doesn't help the fact that some fat ass blocked your view but the venue might refund or money or give you a freebie of somekind....doesn't hurt to try!!!!!!!!!
    that's just the way I roll.

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    Same thing found here when I was younger. I once paid $80 US x4 for Eagles tickets and barely saw any of it.

    A couple of venues I found that were good: State Theatre in Detroit is awesome for wheelchair seating. DTE Energy Theatre is pretty good, and when people stand up you can always move to the side to see down the aisle.

    It is frustrating though. So much so that I just eventually stopped going.
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    Lets just face it ...there are more inconsiderate a**holes in this world than those of us using chairs. I live in Florida, and drive...when I go to my local Publix grocery store, most of the handicapped parking spots are filled up by the land yachts driven by the " seniors" , the ones who can walk! I never bitch about one with a walker, cane, or oxygen. It's the barely " senior" citizen with the 4wheel drive SUV, minivan, big ass momma pickup truck, etc that gets know the kind, the one that requires a step ladder to enter? I ask ya...if they are disabled enough to get a parking permit, then how in God's name can they climb up into these vehicles? Actually, for the benefit of the truly disabled, the State of Florida is being much more judicious in handing out parking permits, and doctors that allow their patients to abuse the system will be prosecuted. The new laws seems to really require a permanent disability and the use of some sort of assistive device.

    As for venues around the Tampa area, most are pretty good for visuals at concerts and sporting events. No real complaints.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wittyandwise
    I never bitch about one with a walker, cane, or oxygen. It's the barely " senior" citizen with the 4wheel drive SUV, minivan, big ass momma pickup truck, etc that gets know the kind, the one that requires a step ladder to enter? I ask ya...if they are disabled enough to get a parking permit, then how in God's name can they climb up into these vehicles?
    I'm a C5 complete that rides around in a 2004 F-350 4x4 FX4. You know the big kind that you need a step ladder to get into. In my case a lift. I wonder if people think the same of me, actually I don't really care as long as they don't try to key my truck.

    You can't always judge the disability by the vehicle I guess but you can sure have a good old time jumping to conclusions.

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    I believe that I would take a pea shooter are something else and would use it on the annoying people.

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    I think the problem lies alot in the hands of the doctors who sign the forms for handicapped parking etc. But I don't think much can be done about it. Like with drugs people will just "doctor shop" around until they find one who will sign. But there should be extra-wide H/C spots just for vans with lifts. At least those seriously disabled should have a good shot at finding reasonable parking accomodations.

    I stopped going to concerts even before I became paralyzed. Except I saw Merle Haggard at Silver Springs Attraction in Florida. It was an outdoor concert and aside from a rather sloping grade for a wheelchair and nearly having a heatstroke it was fun. Of course Merle was drunk as a skunk as usual!
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    great t-shirt

    Check out this t-shirt! I can see a bunch of rebels wearing this one!
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    i'm also one of those with the big, shiny, jacked-up trucks that parks in a handicap spot. please DO NOT judge by vehicle only. i have a lift in mine, and i have been judged before when i pulled into a spot by someone seeing my truck, but not even giving me the chance to get out of my truck. for some reason, they also couldn't see the wheelchair taking up the whole rest of my front seat. my next truck, just like one previously mentioned, the F350 superduty, will be even bigger than mine now, maybe an air suspension that i can lower when i get in or out, i don't know yet. but i don't look forward to having to worry about my truck getting vandalized or any other type of vengence against me because of some asshole who judged me without knowing me or seeing me.

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