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Thread: Quads pay no Property Taxes in Florida!

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    thanks for the heads up on that information sjean. i'm grew up in connecticut and jim and i visited this past spring. he loved it that much and my family that he said he'd like to spend more time up there. any way...he thought about buying something, but i assumed the taxes would be sky high. this would be great if he could get some tax relief. thanks again!

    i just did some quick says that u can't make a certain income. in florida it doesn't matter what u make...NO TAXES.
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    North Carolina too ... holy cow! Wish chad had known about this before we married ....

    Maybe it will help someone else though. I agree that this thread should be moved to the Life forum - would not want anyone to miss this info!!!

    Found more: also applies to INCOME tax!!
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    i owned a home in rancho bernardo (san diego), but my job income too high.

    again, i caution folks to really ask questions. so many of these are income related or deferrals. if they aren't, that's great. but...just make sure.

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    Actually quads do pay ad valorem taxes and mine was about $600 last year. Better than the paying it all.

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    Has any states changed their tax laws? This needs to be taken up by the SCI community.
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    Wow, Florida suddenly seems like a VERY good place to live! Massachusetts has nothing like that at all, and I pay a bundle for my little condo here.

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    For those who want to know about Florida, I saw some earlier post that I would like to clear up. Quads are exempt from ad valorem taxes. This is true, but the non-ad valorem taxes, which are assesments, can still be large. Any para or quad that is a veteran is also exempt. As for other para's, good luck. You can get an exemption but your household income must be under a certain amount ($22k gross last time I checked). This amount changes every year and it includes ALL income from ALL sources and ALL persons living in the house, even kids.

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    Just rec'd our tax bill for this year. State of TN tax relief for the elderly or 100% disabled: Elderly: You were 65 years old or older as of 12-31-07
    Disabled: You must be 100% disabled as rated by the Social Security Administration or other qualifying agency AND the total amount of all persons income on the deed did not exceed $24,000

    Our local office that sends out the property tax bills has this printed on the reverse side of the bills.

    Hope this might help someone.

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    Major Personal Taxes In Kentucky

    Property owners age 65 and over or totally disabled are allowed a homestead exemption on their principal owner-occupied residences, adjusted every two years for changes in the U.S. Consumer Price Index. The Homestead Exemption amount for 2007 has been adjusted to $31,400. Condominium units qualify for the exemption. (KRS 132.810)

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    Has Pa changed its property tax laws because of your efforts? Does Pa have a website that summerizes disability related tax laws? Thanks.

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