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Thread: Rooibos tea

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    Smile Many thanks

    Jadis, thank you for the additional info!

    Now, I wonder if a guy can get into trouble drinking only tea and wine
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    Dunno... I used to like Orange Spice tea. Used to.

    I was pulling an all night study session in high school and drank too much of it. I figured about a gallon...but I was hallucinating and was seriously screwed up worse than drunk. I haven't touched Orange Spice tea since.

    I grew up on Sweet Tea and would drink at least a gallon a day in the summer time. I still do, only I've replaced black with the others I enjoy. I drink them iced as well as hot.

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    Boy this stuff is good! I find that I do not have to add anything to it (milk, sugar, etc.).
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    i just add a packet of splenda to mine bc i like it a little on the sweet side.

    glad you like it!

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    Is chai tea a natural diuretic? I really notice having to go afterwards ...

    Exotic chai by flavia .. or even a chai latte from Starbucks!
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    Yes, it is Lynnifer. :I

    There is no fixed recipe or preparation method for masala chai and many families in India have their own special versions of the tea. Due to the huge range of possible variations, chai can be considered a class of tea rather than a specific kind. But all chai has four basic components:
    Tea: Most Chais are strong black tea. But with the growing popularity, there are green and red chais available too.
    Sweetener: sugar, honey, splenda, whatever u may use. I have honeies from different trees on the East coast that I use for my teas.
    Spices: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn, and cloves are some of the most common elements, nutmeg, chocolate, cocoa or licorice.

    Mix tea, water, and spices = brign to a boil then simmer fora few min.
    Then add milk and sugar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyCrip
    Not to be juvenile but...

    I get a boner about an hour after drinking green tea...

    What's up with that?! Am I alone?
    From what I have heard...nope.

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    So I haven't had a cold in 3 years and I started developing a sore throat around Thanksgiving and my joints were feeling achy. I could barely eat on Thanksgiving because it hurt too much to swallow. Typically, I'll start drinking Boost again when I feel under the weather which I began to do but it wasn't working this time so I decided to add Rooibos to the mix knowing that it has immune boosting properties. Well, the achy joints and sore throat were gone two days later! I'm sold. This is the first time I've ever had a sore throat that didn't develop into a cold and that went away without the use of antibiotics.

    I also found that Rooibos boosts the production of the interleukin which is a potent anti-viral.

    I sweeten mine with agave nectar which is a natural sweetener from the agave cactus.
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    Gosh, all I've been drinking is peppermint and licorice teas. Guess I gotta try some of this rooibos!

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    Greets from South Africa,

    I have to post re Rooibos (red bush) tea, it's great stuff but I find that it increases my appetite quite a bit, as a matter of fact mothers here in ZA give their babies rooibos tea to increase their appetite.


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