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Thread: Rooibos tea

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    Okay - I read all the rave about rooibos. I purchased some at the local Zehrs grocery store made by President's Choice - blechy!!!!! is all I have say.

    I love tea - but it smelled like pipe tobacco - ugh!!!!!
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    it does and don't brew it strong, or it will taste like it too. I found this out the first time I made it, and I didn't like it at all. Once I figured out how long to steep it and @ what temp, it's now much much better! It's honestly one of my faves.

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    My favorite place to get tea (freshly made, loose, or tea bags) is from The Coffee Bean. They're all over Southern California (not sure where else?) but are also online.... you can order or check locations at:

    They have vanilla and chocolate powder (also available in sugar free versions)that go wonderfully with their teas and coffees to make lattes and "iced blended" drinks.

    Some of my favorite combinations:

    (Hot) Moroccan Mint Green Tea with Chocolate Powder
    (Hot) Tropical Passion Tea with Vanilla Powder
    (Hot) Chai Tea with Vanilla Powder
    (Hot) Swedish Berries Tea with Vanilla Powder (probably my all-time fav)

    They have some green teas to die for.... Strawberries and Cream, Japanese Cherry, and more, and carry Rooibos too
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    Man we got Rooibos tea all over the place. Cheap too. €.79 for 25 bags. Vanilla, Lemon,´s all sprayed with just enough artificial chemical taste enhancers to get you to enjoy the stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadis
    Republic of Tea is all I will drink. As I get rid of teas taht I have, RoT replaces them all. I have about 20 tins of RoT here. I have bags as well as loose and different types of red, green and white as well as berries and flavors.

    Cali, the Republic makes a Morroccan Mint tea that is to die for.

    I am a junkie and can tell if one is "off" or cheap.
    So last week i am reading about this brand in this thread and thought I might order some. This week I am reading the SF chronicle and find out Republic of Tea is here in Novato, a 1/2 mile away from my house! Guess I'll see if I can pick it up. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Cool! There are 3-4 places here that carry it. Two locations of Montana Coffee Traders have pretty good selections. I get mine directly from the company 2-3 times a year to get the ones that are seasonal or arent carried locally. Then if I find one I really like, I request MCT to carry it for me.

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    Update: I drink a blend of red bush (rooibos) and white tea now from Stash Tea. I always allow it to brew long. Doesn't taste or smell like tobacco.

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