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Thread: The world's greatest food/snack...

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    Quote Originally Posted by carbar
    worst snack - Pringles - can't stop eating the damned things and afterwards your mouth tastes foul - what do they put in them?
    LOL Pringles!!!!! I agree. Can't stop eating them, never know why.

    Pecan pie

    Cheese. Love it. Does a glass of chablis or cabernet count?
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    My snack yesterday – leg of lamb (it is the season now). But does this being considered as snack LOL – for me it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leif
    My snack yesterday – leg of lamb (it is the season now). But does this being considered as snack LOL – for me it is
    Looks more like Christmas dinner!!
    If that is just a snack for you, what do you do for a real meal? The whole lamb maybe?

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    LOL - the leg was big enough for two persons (3kg). But BBQ of a whole lamb is delicious – or maybe a little whale. Seriously, leg of lamb is one of my favourite foods, and a lot of garlic put into the meat while in the oven.

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    My mother used to make popovers, mmmmm, We would have them for breakfast with butter and honey, The darn butter and honey would dribble down your arms and I would always need to get cleaned up after I ate them.

    I love lamb dinners! We used to raise our own sheep and ohhhhh, and I did here at this place before things hit the fan. Home grown lamb is just soooooooooo........gooooooooooooodddd!!!!! I slobbered all over my keyboard when I saw that picture of the nice dish with lamb and brussel sprouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cspine
    u mean bologna?

    best snack food........ cheese crackers. lately pretzel rods have hit the spot.
    No, I mean pb&j as the world's greatest snack food sounds like a lot of baloney to me. And BOLOGNA is better. It's what they call a play on words in fancy places like New York City.

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    Leif - you just determined what Sunday dinner will be at my house.
    I cook - so I get's to choose the meat.
    I'll need some mint jelly too!

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    Mint sauce, works really nicely as well as mint jelly. Just put some finely chopped mint leaves and put them in vinigar. You can add a pinch of sugar if it is to tart, but mmmmmm is it good with lamb. I know what I am having for dinner tomorrow...lamb. I HAVE to remember to have my PCA take the lamb chops out....mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! Lets see, I can have some nice winter squash I grew this summer, and home grown potatoes....heck I better stay out of the food forum, our I will have to substute a derrick for a hoyer!

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    Girl Scout Thin Mints
    Andes mints
    Twix's worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Original Triscuits topped with a thin slice of sharp cheddar. A bottle of Fat Tire Ale to wash them down with doesn't hurt anything either.
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