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Thread: Gloves?

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    ok, i was just wondering what kind of gloves does everyone use for pushing/wheeling their chair.

    i'm a c5 with crappy grip, and i have rubber coated rims but sometimes my hand slips while i'm trying to wheel.

    any suggestions?

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    hey alex,

    im a c5/6 inc. with no hand function, right now im using a rubber palm coated glove, similar to these
    i cut the fingers off, the only thing is they dont have padding, but it hasnt bothered me yet, and i have to have someone help me put them on. other than that they have awesome grip. i found mine at a TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY store. ive also been thinking about getting gloves that i can take on and off myself, like the quad gloves here
    let me know how it turns out or if you have any ?s

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    c5/6 and use push ease aka mechpro half finger.

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    Having limited hand function due to muscular dystrophy, I find gloves helpful in gripping the chair , too. I usually get mine in the bike dept/sporting goods section at either WalMart or Target, or at a sporting goods store. Wal Mart and Target have the best prices, usually open fingered with padded suede palms, and a mesh or nylon top. They have velcro closures, with tabs, so they are easy to get on and off.
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    i used the push ease for about 3 yrs. i don't like em cause theyre too bulky an have too much velcro hangin out. i just got a pair of quad cuffs from rolli-moden an i love em. theyre real light and small, with the rubber pad in the palm.

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    and both do good gloves/cuffs I have used
    C5/6 incomplete

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    I use gloves from Hibbitt Sports stores. The half finger ones. They're only $9.99. They have a padded suede leather palm and stretch nylon top with velcro tab closure. The brand is Harbinger.

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    I use the harness designs day gloves quad cuffs on the site rhino linked. Just noticed by lookin at Shauns link Hatch has the same exact things ten dollars cheaper.
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    After having experimented with probably a dozen, including Hatch, I found that Harley Davidson gloves work the best for me, plus there are HD stores everywhere as well as online. I get about 6weeks of hard use per pair $27-$30. At the end of the year I right off the glove expense(s) (medical necessity) on my taxes.

    Here's a link:

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