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Thread: SCI Nurse Acute Compression Fracture

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    SCI Nurse Acute Compression Fracture

    About a month ago my home elevator dropped me eight feet and I have a lot of pain I had a MRI done and the report says I have Acute Compression Fracture L1.

    I see my Doctor on Thursday to discuss this. My question is what type of treatment is there for this? What should I bring up when I talk to my Doctor?


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    It is usually caused by an injury to a delicate spine like with osteoporosis.
    So, he may have you wear a back brace or extra support and you shoud ask him i f you have osteo which can easily be prevented with Vit D and Calcium or i fyou already have it-several medications. This will keep you from getting further osteo and other problems.
    women are especially prone to this.


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    So take vitamins for a Compression Fracture?

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    Acute compression fracture

    HR - most of the information about compression fractures refers to this occurring when someone has osteoporetic conditions of the bone. However, your fracture was the result, from what you describe, of the impact from the fall. The actual cause of the fracture and the condition of your spine will dictate the appropriate course of action. I have done some searching and think that the following link best addresses some of your concerns and questions:

    National Institutes of Health (the U.S. Public Health Medical facility in Maryland is composed of many institutes focusing on particular areas of health. They also disseminate a lot of educational material.)

    You may also search: Put 'acute compression fracture, L1' in the search window. Has several entries.

    Hope this helps. CRF

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