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Thread: SCI-Step Activity Based Therapy Worked Again!

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    SCI-Step Activity Based Therapy Worked Again!

    SCI-Step believes in hard work and dedication using activity based therapy. It has been our focus for nearly three years. Today, one of our clients proved to himself and everyone following our accomplishments, that it really works.

    Tim came to us in his chair as a complete para. He had no control and no movement below his injury and was told he would never stand or take steps again.

    On his first day, he told us his goal was to walk again and we told him that if he was going to do it, it would be here with the staff and equipment under our roof.

    Well, he has done it.

    Check out his videos on our website at or click the link below.

    Thanks for your continued support!

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    Tim did it again!

    Tim is now able to walk using amr crutches instead of a walker!! Check it out
    at under Tim in the participant section!!

    October has been a great month for walking!

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