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Thread: Modeling Experiences Post SCI

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    Modeling Experiences Post SCI

    Anybody have any experience in this field? I KNOW theres a lotta hotties in chairs here Give a girl some tips...good, bad, or ugly...

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    nobody will take you seriously wthout at least one pro quality photo set showing your look/abilities. beware of guys offering 'tfp' meaning time for prints as many of them are internet perves looking to get you naked. join a modeling website such as and several photographers will contact you. i can advise you further if neded. also, if you plan to be anywhere near oregon i'd love to do a photo set with ya.
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    I was offered a modeling job through emodel but I live in Pompano Beach and they were shooting down in Miami. I have a friend who is a model and he said it takes upward of 3 hours under hot lights. I have a real good pension so I didn't persue it.Working could screw that up. Try and send them just a good pic especially the face. Good luck !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cspine
    ...beware of guys offering 'tfp' meaning time for prints as many of them are internet perves looking to get you naked. ...
    TFP works well if you've got someone serious about it. Easiest way to weed out the perves is to ask to see samples of their work prior to anything, period. TFP is meant for mutual benefit, especially if neither party has the cashflow to realistically work with professionals.

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    when i posted my pic on here i received a few emails from modelling agencies asking if i would be intereted in becoming a model, i never took any of them seriously.......

    good luck though!
    that's just the way I roll.

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    I guess I should have explained better...I have an agent and did a portfolio. These people are legit. Just head shots 'cuz I refuse to change my lower half a zillion times. I'm really surprised nobody here has pursued it. There's a lot of beautiful people here (Alex74 for one). Just something to do for fun and the wheel chair is not an issue whatsoever.

    I'd definately be skeptical of the online pervs, too many freaks and devos. Cspine, like I've said, I love your work...I'm not up in the Oregon area, but if your ever driving through AZ, we can hook up.

    Thanks for the luck

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    oh, in that case i have 2 tips:

    1) don't take any shlit from anyone

    2) send ol spiney some hot pics!
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    Just one time when I was younger and thinner, I helped a company that was trying to sell examining tables to doctors in the area. They were trying to show how someone of my injury level (para) could access these tables quite easily and that they were therefore worth tens of thousands of dollars.

    I didn't do it again because it's like I had to answer all their questions to the docs about the product!
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    What do you mean thinner Lynnifer, you hardly look fat or even chubby

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    I was once a world famous and universally known Balaclava model..

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