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Thread: Lyrica vs Neurontin?

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    Lyrica vs Neurontin?

    Just curious if Lyrica works better then Neurontin for Neuropathic pain in stroke paitents? Anybody have personal experience or studies? Neurontin & Accupuncture don't seem to be working for my dad.

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    Have heard that they are very very similar . Both causeing weight gain. I need a nerve pain med that doesnt put on weight excluding Topamax .
    Friend of mine is on Lyrica and just loves it.

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    Our Pharmacist said that Lyrica causes less drowsiness?

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    let you know in a week if i make it that long, it does something to my bowels makes them worse than ever. i forgot how bad it was when i was on neurontin, lyrica is already starting these side effects including mental confusion
    cauda equina

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    I been on Neurontin for Neuropathic pain and it works great..and no side effects.I also find that the name brand Neurontin from Pfizer works the best.

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    I'll be at 300 mg. of Lyrica per day Wednesday (at 250 mg. now.) That's as high as I plan on going. I don't know how long I have to take it before I can tell if it helps any.

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    What does it do to your bowels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by higgkim
    What does it do to your bowels?
    neurontin gave worsened my bowel problem of being unable to evacuate, i would get urge to go have s slow BM , and minutes latter get another urge and have to go back and have another. i wasnt using suppositories or enemeez back than since i was having too many accidents with them.
    i have a cauda equina injury, so i am amble to walk pretty good , but my bowels are always a problem. i cant evacuate with or without neurontin or lyrica, but it seems like the neurontin would slow down the perristolis, and it was like a pipe that was always full, some would come out, felt like i was done , clean up and 5 minutes latter had to go again.

    i have much better bowel control now. i can use a enemeez safely, so i will see if the lyrica bowel problem continues
    cauda equina

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