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Thread: reoccurring UTI..need advice

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    reoccurring UTI..need advice

    It has been about five months now and I still haven't been able to kick this urinary tract infection that keeps on manifesting every two weeks after I'm finished with antibiotics. I have spent countless hours scouring both carecure and Internet trying to find out ways to combat this problem and have been unable to find any solutions... it looks like going back on I. V. antibiotics next week. But I'm trying to find out maybe some dietary ways to combat this problem.

    Quick background: three years post, S.P about the first year. I was on free damage bag and then I went to a valve in order to stretch the bladder out.I had been relatively free of UTI's for about 2 1/2 years until this past April. And since then, I have been unable to find any solutions ... and have gone back to using the leg bag.. I follow all of the necessary sterile procedures daily, use a drainage sponge, use antibacterial soap, take increibly strong cranberry extract pills twice daily, 2000 mg of Esther C., drink plenty of fluids, exercise and eat a healthy diet.

    I do understand that with any indwelling catheter... I am subject to colonization of various types of bacteria, which then can spike at different times and result in urinary tract infection. is this related to the immune system in any way? Should I try to reduce all sugar out of my diet? For me, the symptoms include a slight fever, increase of nerve pain, incredible burning and achiness around ostomy site, , increased spasms,tiredness and confusion.

    I've consulted with at least three urologist in my area, and none of them have been able to give me any sort of advice other than this is how it is. And if you have a catheter you just have to get used to of my major concerns is that I have been developing a resistance to the antibiotics and now half to go on intravenous, anytime that I'm symptomatic. (since April, I've been on Leviquiin twice... for 14 days at a time/augmentum 10 days, amoxicillin 14 days and tobramycin for seven days)

    I was wondering if anyone has found any dietary herbs/drinks/supplements that helped to keep their bacteria count down to a minimum. Or maybe found other ways other than taking antibiotics to relieve the symptoms of the UTI.

    any advice or idea to be greatly appreciated... I really don't want to get on IV antibiotics again. Thank you again in advance for your time

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    Not to encourage unhealthy behaviour, but beer seems to clear me out if I have a stubborn uti. Take two and call me ... heh.
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    Hi Chaz,

    Cranberry pills do nothing for me. I have to drink the real thing. I religously drink 8-12 oz. of Ocean Spray Light Cranberry juice (regular, not cran-grape, cran-raspberry or anything-I drink light 'cause it has 2/3 fewer calories then the regular) daily to prevent UTI's. If I let it go for a few days-Bam--infection with all the symptoms you describe except the pain. btw-I intermittent cath via a Mitrofanoff except for the 2 days per week I'm on-site at my office for work. Then I use an indwelling for the day. My body does not like the indwelling and if it wasn't for the cranberry juice, I'd be in big trouble with UTI's. Also, prior to my injury I was getting frequent UTI's--after I discovered the power of cranberry juice, it successfully prevented them then, too.

    Good luck,

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    thank you ladies

    I'm going to try to have a glass of cranberry juice in the morning and a beer or too tonight... sounds much better than I. V. antibiotics....thank you for the suggestions

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    add 2000mg of garlic pills daily, its a natural much are u drinking daily, water only. try drinking 100 oz or more daily rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Herbal Remedies

    Good morning Chaz,

    Hope this post finds you feeling better

    There is a web site called (it's currently under construction). This site is managed by a quadriplegic from California. I remember seeing information on herbal remedies for UTI's. When I get home tonight I'll look for the product brochure. I'll mail it to you tomorrow.

    All my best,


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    thank you for information, I drink roughly hundred ounces a day, and that is a mixture between coffee, tea and water. If I were going to try the garlic pills should I try that only wnen I feel an infection coming on, or is that every day?

    Bob, thank you for the thoughts and looking into some herbal remedies...though I may have to go on antibiotics.

    currently, my symptoms are increasing... disorientation, muscle weakness and tiredness and increase soreness/sensitivity around ostomy site. I'm going to seem a general practitioner tonight to try to come up with some sort a game plan. my last urinalysis was a week ago, and it showed a a high concentration of the bacteria pseudomonis aeruginosa(> 100,000 CFU/ML) I dropped off another sample yesterday to see if the colonies have increased... which I believe they have because I'm feeling vary symptomatic. does anyone know if the herbal remedies/garlic would help fight this particular bacteria? Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions.


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    CHAZ, U NEED 100OZ OF STRAIGHT H20. as for garlic i take it everyday w/ my other vitamins. 1ooo in morning and night.

    2000mg vit c
    2000mg cranberry pills
    2000mg garlic
    all from gnc rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Hi Chaz19,

    I intermittently catheterize 6-8 times a day. My prostate or bladder sphincter is so tight I can't naturally void at all. I don't leak a drop so if I don't catheterize I imagine I'll just blow up! But since I don't void anything going outward there is nothing to flush my bladder or urethra... I'm just always pushing bacteria inward with the catheter. I won't get into all the chemicals I'm now using to keep the bacteria in check but the hydrogen peroxide has my penis and testicles a cherry red and my pubic hair bleached blonde! A few weeks ago I finished a 20 day regimen of Cipro (500mg XR once a day) and am still completely infection free. Urine still very clear and even shiny with no odor. I hope I can keep this up. If my penis can withstand the chemicals and doesn't fall off! I'm really getting neurotic about it as though my life's mission is to stay UTI-free. If only I concentrated on my golf game with such focus no telling what would have happened... maybe The Tour!

    Anyway, it seems that you may be not be getting totally rid of the UTI. And that it's just coming back worse with stronger/mutated strains of the same bacteria. Maybe ask your doctor for a prescription of Cipro (or something proven to kill the bacteria) and take it as though you have a kidney infection, that is, twice to three times longer than if you had a simple bladder infection.

    And really keep on your sterile procedures. You don't want to reinfect yourself after going through all the work of knocking out the original infection. You have to give antibacterial soap enough time to work and kill the bacteria. After I use antibacterial detergent I rinse twice with 70% isopropyl alcohol (in a spray bottle) and twice liberally with hydrogen peroxide until my hands are really squeaky clean. I store my catheter in hydrogen peroxide and only handle it while my hands are dripping in hydrogen peroxide. Sterile exam gloves will do the same thing (or even better) for your hands.

    My point is that you're really gonna need to keep the area around your SP super clean and hopefully sterile (if possible?). Ask your doctor if there are stronger but safe antiseptics that you can use on your hands and stronger but safe antiseptics and antiseptic ointments around your SP.

    I've heard that some SCIs are on a constant "maintenance" dose of antibiotics. We don't want to create super-strains of bacteria by using every antibiotic known to man but you have to get your UTI under control. It's never freakin' easy!

    I take a couple cranberry extract pills every day too. But I don't know if they work or not. I tried most all the other herbal remedies mentioned in this thread but can't vouch for any of them. I don't imagine they'll do any harm and they just might help.

    Good luck Chaz.
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    Chaz, I was taking sleep aids (ambien)
    and had reocurring UTI's.

    When I stopped with the sleep aids,
    my uti's cleared.

    Also, Cran-essence and Airbourne
    helped get extra vitamins in me.

    Good luck!

    And the truth shall set you free.

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