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Thread: Which is better -- to stand or to excercize?

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    Standing and exercise are both beneficial as others have pointed out.

    Personally, I feel better after having stood for a couple of hours and even better with exercise movement.

    I think that we are no different than we were as ab'd. Moving feels better, sedentary does not. We tend to forget how stiff we felt after sitting for a couple of hours and now we sit more than we stand. No wonder we don't feel as well.

    The entire medical field really needs to take a hard look at exercise and its benefits to the sci community. We've been long overlooked and really coached in the opposite direction.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Promoting Bone Density Growth using a standing frame

    I had recently came across information that (basically stated) using a standing frame by itself did not promote bone density growth. For this to happen (density growth) the subject needs to (for a period of time) load and unload the weight on the bones. I am wondering if a standing frame could be used in conjunction, with say, an anti gravity system to keep the subject in the standing position. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? If so, how long do you figure you would have to do this? 30-45 min a day? By possibly modifying a standing frame to load and unload the patient weight (rapidly) could this be achivable?

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    chasb, katem & kld

    chasb..."load and unload the weight on the bones. I am wondering if a standing frame could be used in conjunction....." I secured a bar from the ceiling so my son could pull himself up enough to take the load off his feet every couple of minutes. Dr. Young recommends standing for 10-15 minutes a day.I have since installed a set of paralell bars. This takes care of the load/no-load aspect.

    katem...have you long leg braces? You can get your doctor to write you a prescription for these. I built the paralell bars for less than $100cdn. and my son is played out after 1 hour of "walking". Some days he'll do an hour and a half.(if you have the room for paralell bars of course)

    kld....Far be it from me to argue with you, but,I'm not convinced "that passive ergometers have benefit only in the arm exercise some provide" When we were in France at Albert Bohbot's clinic, there was no electrical stimm bikes at all. All bikes were passive electric motor driven bikes. One benefit was a definite reduction in "crazy"spasms. These bikes moved the legs at a top speed of 40rpm. Would this alone promote circulation? I would think that this also unloaded and loaded the legs somewhat. My son's feet and legs were not swolen anymore. As with standing, there is also the psychological advantage of "peddaling". Anyways, these were just my observations.

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