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Thread: Wheelchair lift - usually covered by insurance?

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    Wheelchair lift - usually covered by insurance?

    Hi. Just spoke to insurance. They say they won't cover anything to do with equipping our home so that my husband can come home. Not the wheelchair lift, not widening the bathroom, nothing. I know that everything is case by case but does this sound right? We have excellent insurance coverage for everything else. Are there any agencies you know of that help with funds for equipping homes?


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    There certainly are - check with your husband's caseworker, as well as the hospital staff. Where are you guys located?

    Here in California, they've said there are a few different programs to help with home modifications - the majority being grants. I have my home evaluation tomorrow with our team for my dad's homecoming, and will let you know if I find out anything helpful.

    ~ M

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    Thanks. Any info would be appreciated. We're in Chicago . . .

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    Brighter - sorry for your dilemma. Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. Contact your state's Vocational Rehabilitation agency/department. They will very often help fund home and transportation modifications.

    2. Are you active in your local community / church? If so, reach out to them. Very often communities will rally around this type of situation and provide free material & labor. Its worth a try.

    3. Contact Habitat for Humanity and see if they may be able to help.

    4. Contact the networks for a possible "extreme makeover" of your home. There was a C6 quad who's home was modified last season.

    5. Re-apply to your insurance company with a complete story of your situation. Detail, detail, detail ~ the more the better.

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    Which insurance carrier did you contact? I would not expect most medical insurance policies to cover much - it is sometimes hard to get them to even cover what's called Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for "unimportant" things like wheelchairs and catheters. On the other hand, if it was a MVA the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) part of your Automobile Insurance Policy frequently does cover home modifications depending on your state (it does in NJ).
    I agree with Mrapunzel, talk to one of the Social Workers at the rehab facility to get more help.
    Good luck,

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    Insurance typically doesnt cover lifts. I noticed you are in Chicago, what companies are you looking at for a lift? Indoor or outdoor?

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    We're looking at an outdoor lift. Also, the companies that I will be getting quotes from are Extended Home Living Services and Acessible Living. Any experience with these?


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