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Thread: Kld, Studies, Smudies, blah blah blah.......

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    Kld, Studies, Smudies, blah blah blah.......

    You said from another post;

    QUOTE "Recent studies show that neither standing nor the use of medications such as Fosamax or Calcitonin will prevent or improve osteoporosis in people with SCI." QUOTE

    Which study was this? I was under the impression that there were no studies that were long enough with sci's taking fosamax who had osteoporosis or sci's that didn't have it. Actually it really dosn't matter anyway, studies are a crock anyway. I have osteo in one of my hips and have been taking fosamax for many years now, I can't even remember when I started. I would hate to think that I have been taking another drug that is having no benefit at all. I truly believe that it does help. I believe that #1 Having a sci #2 Being female #3 Nearing menopause I should be taking fosamax and I will continue to do so. I actually don't give studies much thought any more, as any study can be made to say whatever you want it to depending on who's funding it. I can't see how Fosamax couldn't have a benefit, even if I were a guy with sci I'd be taking it. Also I can't see how standing wouldn't help also, that one is a no-brainer of course it would. STUDIES SMUDIES TAKE NO STOCK IN THEM, HE WITH MONEY CAN SAY WHATEVER HE WANTS REGARDING OUTCOMES OF STUDIES, OR ANY ONE PERSON INVOLED CAN BIAS A STUDY SO EASILY IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

    Nothing personal Kld but I get so tired of studies there's millions done everyday contradicting eachother. There can be ten-thousand saying one thing and ten-thousand saying the exact opposite. It really has become quite a joke, everyday you hear of another study contradicting another study and so and so on and...............

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    Scientifically based care

    I am sorry you do not value the input of health care professionals regarding the the relationship of scientifically based knowledge and health care.

    Health care is based on science, and studies are required to validate casual observations. Scientifically based (evidenced base) practice is the goal of most health care practitioners. Of course most people will choose what they "believe" but success is more likely when it is based on research.


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    You replied: [QUOTE] I am sorry you do not value the input of health care professionals regarding the the relationship of scientifically based knowledge and health care. [QUOTE]

    Oh, I do value the input, but it in the way it is done. Anyway, I read the articles you posted, because it was you who posted them and I always respect your input and help you have given me in the past. But, I don't understand, maybe I am not reading these studies right. All of the ones directly relating to aldrenate (fosamax), say that is does help in preventing bone loss. Especially so soon after injury. I am confused because you said the studies show that it dosen't help. That's why I reacted to the post in the first place, because I believe that it does help.

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