This stuff really works for me..I have tried all kinds of pain killers for shoulder pain and muscle pain. My pharmacy had it on the counter when I got my pills refilled and asked if they had a sample which they did. Brought it home and after 15 minutes to half a hour I noticed a great deal of pain relief. Works as good as any pain relief medicine I have ever taken. Doesnt get rid of all the pain but helps alot so can cut down alot on pain medicine. Less pain medicine much clearer in the If u tell a MD they will laugh at you so just keep it to yourself. Anyway after I tried it went and bought some....cost 30 dollars for 3.5oz. Best 30 bucks I have spent in a long time. This 3.5oz goes a long way.
They also have a 800#...1-888-600-4642 if you cant find it at the pharmacy.
Cant say it will help for everybody but helps me and wanted to pass it on to all of us.......