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    I see your town on CNN....stay safe.

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    On FOX News they said Beaumont was one of the cities hit hardest by Rita, damages to many buildings and recommended ppl to stay where they was for the time being. Hopes everyone is safe.

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    i checked in just cuz i was thinking about DA. i remember he lived in beaumont.

    anybody hear from/about him?

    i hope he's ok.
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    DA, my pimp-daddy, stay safe! i've been thinking about u, too.
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    He'll be fine

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    On September 22nd at 8:46pm DA posted that he was leaving in two hours and heading west. The post is in the Politics Forum and named "Where is the love". He posted again about 1/2 hr later. I also hope he is ok and got out in time to a safe place. I hope that wherever he lived in Beaumont was not damaged.

    Starlight, I am pleased to see you posting. I've been wondering about you. I hope all is well with you.


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    Hopefully DA's life

    Has not been turned upside down too much. Hope you were not affected too bad by the Hurricaine DA.

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    Hopefully he's kidnapped Anderson Cooper for me ... even in a hurricane with wind and rain whipping, the guy's adorable. (Hey, I'm getting older.)
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    I really like your new Avatar

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    Stay safe, buddy.

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