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Thread: Looking for some input....

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    Lightbulb Looking for some input....

    Hi everyone. I'm new. ... anyhoo... I was looking for some ideas about leg bag holders. Mine sucks. It falls down my leg and it's very hard for me to manage. I need a smaller one, and being that I live in 'country town central', and wheel-chairs or anything wheel-chair related still makes people gasp here, my options are limited. When I explained my problem to my local medical supply... they were like...uh, we dont know what to do... maybe duck tape? j/k bout the duck tape part, but they are really clueless.
    Im not really internet stupid and i've done lots of searching but I havent found anything that fits my needs. The one I have, its like stretchy material.....with a whole at the bottom for the drain nozzle. Being that my legs have shrunk.... it no longer fits... well, when I buy a new one, it fits nicely for about a week, thing you's at my ankle, instead of my knee. Now, if I was rich, I could of course buy a new one for $20/ a pop, every week and problem solved.... but thats not the case. So, Anyone got any suggestions? The one I have, I think it's made by Bard and it's small in size. Thats all.

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    Hi Kathrina and welcome to CC. I don't use a leg bag, so I really don't know how the holders are constructed, but could you replace the elastic material with a soft velcro from your craft store? If you could do this, then you could adjust it as necesary. As I said, I'm not familiar with leg bag holders so I'm not sure, but hopefully this might be an inexpensive solution. Welcome again.
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    hey kathrina...

    the kind i use is by mentor...freedom leg bag kit..with t-tap drainage port..500ml..order no. 7078. it has velcro straps that you can adjust as tight or loose as you need. i havent looked for them on the net. its just what they started me with in rehab so i told my pharmacy the details an they charge my insurance. i believe theyre only like 7 or 8 bucks though. hope this helps...

    here is a site i found for ya
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    I've used a Urocare extra large

    with Velcro straps for 25 years (well not the same one, hehe) and never had any problems. I also get the optional t drain that threads on the bottom of the bag.
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    Well, thanks so much for all your info! It's greatly appreciated! I've found something like the one I have, and have called the company. I'm just now waiting to hear back from them.

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