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Thread: Lyrcia for neuropathic pain, has anyone tried this?

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    I am taking Larika and it is good.

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    I started Lycria two days ago for numbness in legs and feet along with severe electrical impulses. This is apparently resulting from problems in lower back. Will post results in future days.

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    I Am A T-5 Para I Was On A Cocktail Of Drugs For My Nerve Pain From Neuronton,efexor,norotripolyene And They Worked For About A 1yr 1/2 .then They Stopped Working And The Squeezing In My Stomach Came Back But The Squeezing Never Completely Went Totaly Away With The Pills. Now I'm Drug Free I Just Bare With The Pain But Its Starting To Get To Me .i've Herd About Lyrica But I Don't No If I Wanna Go Thru Taking Pills Again If It Is Not Worth It Can I Get Sum Advice

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    i have a problem with taking pills on a daily basis so my schedule is never the same time daily would this be a problem

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    Another T5

    I am taking lyrica and I took gabapentin. I didn't see any results in either of them.

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    I ate everything in site and legs swelled up . So not for me .
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    wondering about lyrica

    I was wondering if any of you have had a problem when you first went on Lyrica. I have been on it for about four days and it feels like I am taking no medication at all she put me on 50mg. I have a herinated disc and I am going crazy with no sleep the pain is so intense that I just can't sleep at all.I have the tingling throbing pain in both my legs.Do you think that it just takes time to really start to work or maybe the mg is not strong enough,what do any of you think.Please help me I can't stand this any more.thanks cheryl

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    your lyrica dose is really low. you can take more safely. call your doc and explain pain and no sleep. ask about taking amitryptin with it also. combination of drugs can bring relief. good luck. karen

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    I have been on lyrica for about 3 years, i was the first one my dr. prescribed it to and the first one to have it filled at walgreens my pharmacy. It works really good for fibromyalgia but the withdraw symptoms are horrible, the symptoms are dizziness, nausea, feel like you can't breath and the anxiety is awful. just be careful it how you wing yourself off of it no cold turkey.

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    a man in server pain

    i'm a t-4 t-5 para who i suffering from server nerve pain in my stomach its getting really really bad i cant take it no more if feels like my muscles n my stomach are squeezing the life outta out of me can anyone help i'm at my last wind my dr's no help so i turn 2 my own kind 4 help. is lyrica the new drug 4 nerve pain i took nuronton 4 2yrs n it stopped working now ineed yalls help i dnt no how much longer i can hold on like this its stealing my joy

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