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From what I can find there really aren't any real treatments. I found one current clinical trial but it is to study people with PPS and if there is a change in the cerebral cortex and/or brain stem versus those who had polio but are not experiencing PPS. Seems some autopsies done on people who had been clinically diagnosed with poliomyelitis and who recovered but decades later had symptoms related to PPS had damage in their cortex or stem but those who recovered and did not experience PPS showed no changes inthe brain. Sorry.

Anyone who has PPS can tell you something is going kookoo in the cabesa.

Sorry about your patents medic1...but sounds like they have a very understanding child.
Are they still ambulatory..even with crutches or walker? If so or even if they have had to resort to using a chair..have them get with a good program of supplements..and vitamin/mineral regime. It requires some high dosing. Also back into the water on a dedicated schedule. And I have found protein to be one of the only things that help with the fatigue.

What are they doing for the pain?
And being able to fall to sleep?