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Thread: Bladder Augmentation

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    Bladder Augmentation

    A couple months ago I posted to find out more about bladder augmentation and wanting to hear from others who had the procedure done. It was suggested that I get a second opinion, which I did and the doctors said it was necessary. Well I decided to try and get a third opinion from some of the doctors suggested when I posted before. What I keep hearing is maybe the surgery isn't necessary, but they would need to see my tests to tell. Although I have all my test results I am on Medi-Cal and the doctors I've contacted don't accept it. Any suggestions? I live in Orange County in.

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    bladder augmentation

    Cheri - You might contact your County Medical Society for appropriate urologists who accept Medi-Cal. When you call the individual doctor's office, be sure to make it clear that you have test results and only want a review and opinion based on these tests.

    The American Urological Association does keep a record of Board-certified urologists. You can learn if one is board-certified on their site at: CRF

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