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Thread: China Currently Looking For Western ALS Patients, Brain Damage Patients And Stroke Patients

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    Arrow China Currently Looking For Western ALS Patients, Brain Damage Patients And Stroke Patients

    Well I guess we all should start saving for a trip over seas:

    Beike to Treat Foreign Patients Thursday, 15 September 2005 Beike, a bio-technology company that was founded with capital from Beijing University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen City Hall and supported by funds from the China State National Fund, is ready to treat its first non-asian foreign patients. Their research and clinical work comes as a collaboration of Beijing University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, No. 3 Army Medical University, Zhongshan Medical University, Guiyang Medical College and Zhenghou University. Throughout all of their collaborating laboratories, they have around 60 P.h.D. level or candidate level researchers focusing on stem cell research.

    Currently they are in their clinical trial phase for foreign patients after treating more than 350 Chinese patients which means their first foreign patients will only need to pay the hospital charges for treatment. They are currently looking for western ALS patients, brain damage patients and stroke patients. For ALS patients the time period of stay is about 10 days in which patients receive 2 injections. For brain damage and stroke, the stay is about 20 to 30 days with three to four injections. Patients who are interested can send feedback here.
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    Statement from Dr. Hongyun Huang

    Dear everyone, this is Dr. Hongyun Huang from the Neurological Disorder Reserch & Treatment Center(NDRTC) of Beijing Xi Shan Hospital.We have recently found a website called “” which may have misled you to believe that there is cooperation between Dr. Huang and “Beike Company” as some of the patients treated by Dr. Huang have had their cases put on the patients list at “”. Therefore, here is the statement toclarify this misunderstanding:

    1. Dr. Hongyun Huang has never been in contact with “” or Beike Company at all.

    2. Please take note: up to now what we have used for our procedure are not stem cells, but Olfactory Ensheathing Cells (OEC). These two kinds of cells are completely different from each other.

    3. The waiting list of our candidates is currently full until the end of 2007 and there are several more patients with different neurological disorder diseases asking to get onto this waiting list. So it is not necessary for us to look for patients. However, the good news is that we have acquired more wards available for the patients since September 2005 which will shorten the waiting time to let the candidates of our procedure come earlier.

    4. If anyone wants to contact us or get the correct information about our procedure, please visit and .

    Yours Sincerely,

    Hongyun Huang MD& PhD

    Chairman & Prof.

    Neurological Disorder Research & Treatment Center

    of Beijing Xi Shan Hospital

    Shi Jing Shan District

    Beijing 100041, P. R. China

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    Stem Cell Treatment from Beike

    Hey all,
    I think it is great that Beike is ready to give Stem Cell Treatment to foreign patients, however what guarantee is there that it is 100% safe??

    And what scientific basis do Beike's claims rest on? A lot of the reason stem cell therapy is not been done thus far is because the technology simply has not evolved enough.

    Sure you can argue that it is not been done in the U.S.A. due to restrictions by law but what about an extremely intelligent race and liberal race like Sweden?

    I have tried to convince Doctor's and Professor's in Sweden to treat me and they simply won't do it, not due to ethical issues, but due to the fact they don't feel they quite have the capability to do it.

    And blah blah I have blabbed on to much but my point is that are Beike working on purely scientific grounds??
    Lets face it, any scientist can cultivate and purify cells.

    Not to be negative!!! NAPOLEAN

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    Hello Napoleon.

    You might be right in your observations. But we can have this type of threatement within a few years... have you seen this one

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    I assume they are using fetal stem cells from aborted fetuses of weeks 8 through 12. I didn't see mention of cyclosporin or even of predifferentiation of cells in culture. These guys must be looking to replace damaged neurons in the brain for those with ALS, TBI and stroke. Maybe they will one day add spinal cord neuron replacement but at this time it does not look like they are.

    We also need to remember that most spinal cord injuries need a regenerative therapy instead of or in addition to a neuron replacement therapy. For most of us, Dr. Huang's OEC would be a better choice. For others needing mainly neuron replacement then maybe this therapy holds more promise.
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    It sure is good that they ran out of people with the needed ailments in China so we can get a discount by only having to pay for the hospital. Any documented positive results or just another play to get some $$$?

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    Dear all,
    I have more news about Beike. After corresponding with someone from there about having treatment I found their attitude a little bit lax in many areas.
    One was the area of what science is behind the treatment (and please don't think I am trying to "catch them out" as I am serious about receiving stem cell treatment.) Their attitude behind the 'science' of treatment seemed to be 'Oh lets be honest, who does understand why stem cell treatment works?' (I am paraphrasing, that is not what they actually said but that is what they meant).

    Again I am not trying to be negative but I see a lot of smoke and no fire with this stem cell treatment from Beike.


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    Dr. Gustavo Moviglia - Regina Mater

    Hello everyone,
    On a matter not involving Beike does anyone have any solid information of what the treatment at Regina Mater is like in reference to repairing the Brain via stem cells.

    I have read that Dr. Gustavo Moviglia is a genuis and can work miracles.
    However, even though there have been a lot of reported people go to his clinic Regina Mater for treatment (in Beunos Aires) I have not heard one single report, good or bad, about the people he has treated.

    I also know for a fact that treatment at Regina Mater costs atleast US$46,000 for around 30 days.

    I have heard people have sold their houses just so they can receive treatment at Regina Mater, but I have not heard any solid evidence that the treatment actually works.

    Can anyone with information regarding Regina Mater please post me a reply,

    Thank you


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    come to BrainTalk Communities

    and read up on this.

    there is alote of info on it.

    or at build

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    Thank you for clarifying Dr. Huang because it is certainly worded in a way that suggests your involvement. It is possible that this is one of the outfits Dr. Young referenced below.

    A number of places in China are unfortunately advertising for "western patients" and making inappropriate and possibly false claims for poorly described and obscure therapies. People should be wary when they see claims of therapeutic efficacy, scant details about the therapies, and anecdotal reports of therapeutic safety and efficacy. There are many organizations such as these that are taking advantage of the desperation of people, particularly with conditions such as ALS. I strong urge people to be careful and investigate thoroughly and carefully.


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