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Thread: How do you wash hair in bed?

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    I'll never forget ...

    .. the first time I washed Bill's hair when he was in the hopspital after his injury (we rigged up the gadget KLD refers to) ... and for some reason it just became this very tender moment .... he said it felt better than sex {sigh} ...


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    What I do, is have my PCA place the commode seat next to my bed, being careful not to pinch the catheter extension tube (it happened once and I created another problem, so be careful of this). We then put a towel over the side of the bed and another one on the closed commode seat. Then I take a big pot and place it on the commode seat, and have a bucket of warm water. I kind of wiggle with assistance to the edge of the bed, with my head over the bucket, Using a cup my PCA purs water over my head and allows it to drain into the bucket. Then I use a shampoo, conditioner combined that Avon makes (I sell Avon). My PCA uses a large cup to pour the water over my head to rinse my hair. Then after its risnsed we dry my hair with a towel, and hairdryer.

    I am going to look into purchasing the hair washing things that were suggested and I have bookmarked the site, as I do think it will be much more comfortable for me.

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    we will use my son's rolling table, it adjusts up and down, then he just leans over a bowl and I pour water over, drain, shampoo , drain, and then rinse, good luck

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