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Thread: Manual Wheelchair with Power assist device

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    Manual Wheelchair with Power assist device

    Well, after a year of fighting with the insurance people, I finally was able to get Steve his new wheelchair. The chair is a basic Quickie GP Swingaway..but the great thing is that we also recieved approval for a wonderful device called the E-Motion power assist. It has a small brushless motor on each wheel (totally silent)that gives an assist when you push on the push rims. This was needed for Steve because he has corpal tunnel syndrome and a fracture from the accident that gives him a lot of trouble. This thing has two power settings, one low for around the house and one that will allow him to keep pace with someone walking fast, (say at the mall). It would be a miracle if we could get them to approve an FES Bicycle as well. I won't hold my breath though.

    Russ Byrd

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    Russell, your post gives me hope! We have an order in for a Quickie Ti Titanium chair with the EMotion wheels for my daughter. She's got problems with both her elbows...not to mention that the chair she's in just doesn't fit her properly. She got to use the EMotion wheels for a day out at Craig...they are SO COOL! She let me get in her chair and play a bit. One thing I learned...her wheels had 3 settings...and it's best to keep both wheels on the same setting.

    Keep us posted on how Steve likes them..

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    Sounds discouraging waiting a year. I started about 3 months ago shortly after I was told I need a shoulder replacement or the wheels. The surgery would be fully covered by worker's comp, and or my insurance but worker's comp. says the wheels are for mobility due to a pre-existing injury (quadriplegia). I injured my shoulder while working for the State so it's covered by WC. That's how smart they are. The wheels are about 6000.00 and I'll bet the shoulder replacement would be at least $60,000. In the meantime my shoulder keeps getting worse. I'm glad to see you won the battle.WR

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    Vicki and White Rabbit


    Thought I would update you on the E motions device. Steve is really enjoying it. We actually went to Home Depot today and I had to struggle to keep up instead of the other way around

    WR, I really hope you don't have to wait as long as we did. We were dealing with a Medicaid HMO, by nature these people don't seem to be too bright. And the delay was not over the power assist device.

    Russ Byrd

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    Thanks for the update, Russ

    That is wonderful news! I'm calling tomorrow morning to check on the status of my daughter's chair. We have to wait for our primary insurance to deny it [and how long can THAT possibly take??] and then our car insurance should step in and pick up the tab. I just hope they don't balk at the EMotions...

    She's looking to go away to college in the spring, and this would help her so much on campus. She's only been waiting since July, so I guess it could be worse..


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