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Thread: Any experience with DermaWound for pressure sores???

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    Any experience with DermaWound for pressure sores???

    Hello people,

    Does anyone have experience with this cream for pressure sores? The website - has some pretty graphic but encouraging pictures to indicate that the product does work very well Any independent confirmation from here?


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    I have no personal experience with this product but in reviewing this site, it sounds to good to be true. Heals wounds in 17 days??

    The main ingredients are sugar and iodine, present in many wound care products. It reports susceptiblities to GMRSA and VRE which are highly resistant organisms. It's only my opinion but seems to me if this were so great, it would be widely used and highly publicized. Possibly, the healing is due more to pressure relief, etc.

    If you have a wound which is not deep, not complicated or infected, and don't have allergies or diabetic, it might be worth trying. Be sure to monitor the wound closely and report any changes to your health professional.
    If you have access, call your local wound care specialist.

    Do others have any experience with this product?


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    I used Duroderm it is bought at the drug store without a prescription. My hammer toe sore is clear

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    I tried Dermawound and it doesn't work. It stains the skin very bad as well which masks the wound itself.
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    Thanks for you help every1

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    Several people at CC report good results with this product.

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    i used silverdine [cream]2 years ago and my wounds healed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenf
    i used DuoDerm on 2 bad sores on my ankle bones. got them from my feet contracting in my shoes. the feet would move back and forth in the shoes. it took about 4 or 5 months for them to seal up and go away. it's a patch that has chemicals in it. they say you can leave it on for a week. i didn't like that idea. i would change it twice a week and let it air dry for most of the day between changes. the bandage helps protect it from futur damage , like hit it or pressure on it. just a thought.
    I know about Duoderm but curious about DermaWound.A friend of mine,a R.N.,has a son with SCI and she swears it has been very good product for him. He ordered it over the internet and she was very skeptical until she saw the results. Several others here and told me they use this product. I was just curious as to what others here may think.

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    I realize this is an "old" thread but I saw it and had to post. Don't know what product the person who complained about staining was using but it wasn't Dermawound. It IS loaded with an iodine like ingredient but the orange washes off with plain water. And the stuff ROCKS.

    My sweetheart has had a diabetic ulcer (skin ulcer) on the back of his ear for more than 3 years. I put my foot down and insisted we try to get it healed and he objected because the granulating ointment prescribed by his doctor is $300/ounce. So we went searching for an alternative and that's how we first heard about Dermawound. After some more research and checking facts we decided to try it.

    Fast forward 6 months and the pain is gone. The sensitivity to pressure is gone. The skin around the wound has changed from flaming, swollen, and dark red to only slightly raised and faintly pink. The wound itself has drained, it no longer bleeds on contact, a scab actually forms (there was never enough good blood flow for a scab before) in between dressings, and most noticeable, it no longer SMELLS. And less noticeable but definitely present-- the skin in the center of the wound is granulating and the wound edges are closer together. At this rate it will be completely healed in another few months.

    Not bad for an almost 4 year old and more than 1/4 inch deep wound that was excruciatingly painful.... and just FYI, we are not affiliated in any way with Dermawound or the mfr.

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