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Thread: robotic wheelchair lift for a car!

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    robotic wheelchair lift for a car!

    Just found this while looking for something else. Has anyone here ever seen this in action? It's a UK company, and I emailed them to see if they have US distributors. Seems that this is a hoist mounded in the trunk, which picks up a folding chair by a robotic arm and places the chair in the trunk. I suppose its too much of intelligent design to be approved for use in the USA. Comments please???
    I have seen such devices for pickup trucks, etc..I know some here have that set-up, but never have I seen such a device for a car trunk.

    Here is yet another great photo of this lists for about 5100.00 I suppose with conversion it would be about 10K here? But think of the savings for the disabled community. A car and this for about 30K as opposed to a van conversion for lots more??? It boggles the mind.
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    If it's too good to be ALWAYS is!

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    we have all that and more here in usa if you would look

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    So, bobby, show us. I have never seen this in the USA. Back it up with a link.


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    SCI NURSE...Thanks ... you took the words right outta my Bobby, where is the link (URL) to devices such as this that can be bought in the USA?
    If it's too good to be ALWAYS is!

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    Bruno ( has something similar called the curbsider. Not exactly, but can do the same thing.

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    Cathy...similar, yes, but different in the fact that the Bruno cannot be used independently, by the disabled driver all alone ! Think of the logistics...disabaled individual in scooter/chair pulls up to back of vehicle where lift is located. If they cannot walk at all how can they get from the back of the vehicle to the drivers seat to drive the car?

    I suppose I should have clairified my point about this device from the UK being so unique for those who cannot walk at all and prefer to or are able to drive cars. Think about this! This device with the robotic arm is way cool for those of us that prefer to use a car and may have limited upper body strength, or none! The day may come that I cannot load my manual chair into my Civic, and this robotic arm would be a " god send" . Ooops..don't mean to offend anyone.
    If it's too good to be ALWAYS is!

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    Maybe try to contact the company & see if you can get one imported. I've seen one in person before, down @ Shepherd when I was in rehab back in '99. I was too new into this injury at the time to have the sense to look at it in detail though.

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    Thanks Scott....I know what you mean by being too new to the injury/disability/using a chair/ life changes/ mental stress/ etc etc etc...but it is good to know that this has been imported, and it's not impossible!
    If it's too good to be ALWAYS is!

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    Hey there, Wittyandwise! There is a company in Toronto, Canada( that offers that system. I don't know about USA distribution. It's certainly worth a phone call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kj24skedoo
    Hey there, Wittyandwise! There is a company in Toronto, Canada( that offers that system. I don't know about USA distribution. It's certainly worth a phone call.
    at least its on our side of the Atlantic! I did email this UK company...I will await their know those polite, they wouldn't not reply!
    If it's too good to be ALWAYS is!

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