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Thread: robotic wheelchair lift for a car!

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    robotic wheelchair lift for a car!

    Just found this while looking for something else. Has anyone here ever seen this in action? It's a UK company, and I emailed them to see if they have US distributors. Seems that this is a hoist mounded in the trunk, which picks up a folding chair by a robotic arm and places the chair in the trunk. I suppose its too much of intelligent design to be approved for use in the USA. Comments please???
    I have seen such devices for pickup trucks, etc..I know some here have that set-up, but never have I seen such a device for a car trunk.

    Here is yet another great photo of this lists for about 5100.00 I suppose with conversion it would be about 10K here? But think of the savings for the disabled community. A car and this for about 30K as opposed to a van conversion for lots more??? It boggles the mind.
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