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Thread: What kind of bed????

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    Wink What kind of bed????

    -Spinal cord injured level c5-6 ASIA C
    -gained a lot of movements back
    -can move to my sides easily but it will be easier with bed rails
    -able to sit up
    -would like to have a bed to make it easy for me to dress up like a hospital bed that the head will tilt up
    -concerned about pressure sores
    -I'll be grateful to recieve opinions about what kind of bed I should get

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    I'm a C5-6 i have a sleep number which you can make the head of the bed tilt up. Havent had a pressure sore yet and i sleep on my side all night
    C5-6 Feb 05

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    i have the craftmatic adjustable bed. the head and feet tilt up. you can choose between mattress types, i chose the medium firmness because it makes bed mobility easier than a soft bed. i havent had any skin problems.

    the bed does not adjust up and down (the floor height) but you can set its height to the height of your wheelchair. the only bed that adjusts that way is an actual hospital bed and there is one that you can find in the New Mobility magazine ad section.

    If you go through craftmatic they send a salesman to your house and you have to haggle with them. the price started at $6000 but i bought mine for $3000. just keep telling them no till you get your price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoRacer598
    I'm a C5-6 i have a sleep number which you can make the head of the bed tilt up. Havent had a pressure sore yet and i sleep on my side all night
    I have a sleep number bed too but I didn't know it had that option. I sleep on my stomach and haven't had any problems with skin breakdown either. On my regular mattress my knee used to get red but on my SN bed I haven't had any redness on my knee (my sleep number is 30).

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    Check out Craig's List. I see adjustable beds for sale there all the time.

    You can get a hi-low adjustable non-hospital bed, but they are hard to find and expensive. If you have a caregiver, they really do make care much more comfortable for them.


    If you use a mobile lift now, or anticipate needing one in the future, be sure there is enough space underneath the bed frame. A lot of adjustable beds are built with a platform or have other structures underneath that would interfere with use of such a lift. Also, not all of them can be fit with half rails, which do make it easier to turn at your level of injury.


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    I have an Invacare Semi-Electric adjustable hospital-style bed. Becuase of having Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis, my legs are more comfortable at night when they are elevated, so my insurance covered the cost of this bed. All I know is that my parents and the medical supplier had a hell of a time getting it into my bedroom.

    This adjustable bed works good, except that it needs a softer mattress (I have eggcrate cushion on it right now).


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    Regular hospital bed with the following mattress:

    Nonpowered mattress so I do not have to worry about electric failure. Going on five years with no problems. Has been a good selection.


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    i have a hospital bed,remote control and air mattres.
    i am lucky becuse i can turn myself during the night.
    a lot of pain and spasms and i protect my knees using pilows on the sides.
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    I got just a regular old bed with a pillow top mattress. I'll sleep on my side or my stomach and turn whenever I feel the need too.
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