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Thread: cellulitis

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    does anyone have a common case of cellulitis, if so what causes it?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by common Kort. I've had uncomplicated cellulitis in the past on my upper arm. Both times mine was from spider bites. Anytime the skin is opened and something dirty is the cause of the break in the skin infection can easily follow. Cellulitis is an infection of the tissue under the skin. Early signs are redness, bumpy edges around a red center, itchiness and a very noticable feeling of heat over the area. Getting to a health professional at this point for immediate treatment with oral antibiotics will greatly reduce any complications. Once streaks of red appear running away from the original open place you have the beginnings of sepsis or blood poisoning. At this point IV antibiotics are normally necessary and any further infection that develops, becomes systemic, may require surgery that can include amputation if localized in a limb.

    I tend to be super vigilant about scratches and cuts because I'm allergic to tetnus shots. Any open cut, scratch or even insect bites like from mosquitos gets washed well and a blob of an antiseptic cream applied. Cellulitis is nothing to mess with. The redness that first appears seems like a wimpy reason to see the doctor or nurse practioner but a day or 2 later and you can be in the hospital and stuck there for days.

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