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Thread: Detailing the Ride

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    Detailing the Ride

    Spent yesterday afternoon cleaning, lubricating and waxing my manual chair. I do this three times a year or when the ride gets so filthy it attracts flies.
    For lubrication is used a product called Tri Flow that is said to be superior to oil or grease--we shall see. Tri Flow went on all axles, bearings and other points of friction. Turtle Wax spray was my choice for the frame and plastic parts and Mothers for the chrome spoked wheels. Because my chair is now a big part of me it is also a statement of who I am and keeping it presentable and in good working order is important to me. A bit obsessive?

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    Must have been cleaning day yesterday...I did the same thing to my chair...although I don't wax it. Keeping it clean is a priority as not only am I lugging it in and out of the car, others are too. I just use a liquid cleaner diluted in some water, an old wash cloth, and 3-in one oil to grease it up! Seems to work ok for me. Any other suggests from members?
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