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Thread: Velcro,,,?

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    Hi,,, Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find strong stuff, ''commercial grade'' , velcro,,,,??

    I'm looking for the stuff they used in rehab, not what's in regular stores.


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    I got some pretty tough stuff at Kmart, it's auto-strength. Came in a strip, about 3 feet of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FREEJ
    Hi,,, Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find strong stuff, ''commercial grade'' , velcro,,,,??
    Got a date?

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    Hey Shaun,,,, come to think of it,,,, maybe I should use ''saddle leather'' strips, some stirrups, 'n some light weight chain. When she starts to get excited 'n hot, it's ''Cowboy Up'' time,,,, oh boyyy,,,, she really starts to buck hard .
    Yeahhh,,,, just doing my part to save wild pony's at a BLM auction .

    REALLY ppl,,,,,,,,, I'm searching for Hvy duty Velcro.


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    Hi, Free - I'd check Home Depot, Lowe's or Ace Hardware; if you can't find it there, go online and google for it. They do sell a heavy duty velcro at rehab supply places, but all that stuff is a total rip-off, it's so expensive.

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    i know exactly the stuff you are talking about and sams club sells it. it is called industrial strength velcro and is fairly cheap. it comes in a large roll (15 feet i think) and retails for around $15. how much do you need? i have some left over i could send you if you only need a bit.

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    walmart has some industrial strength velcro or
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    OK, I KNOW that I wrote you a reply on this yesterday....I remember writing it, i even remember hitting post. but I don't see it...Hmmm... Anyway....Are you looking for the really heavy duty stuff that's more of a plastic/plastic velcro? as opposed to soft nylon loop... The best place to look for that stuff is to call a sign shop & ask where they buy it from. I know it's expensive & I believe Grainger supply carries it. Home Depot, Lowes, etc, don't carry the really heavy duty stuff like that. However a lot of sign shops use it especially if you're in an area that has a lot of conventions/special events. If you only need a small length of it, they may even be willing to give you a little bit of it. Hope this helps.
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    I'm sure you'll be able to find the type of Velcro you're looking for here.
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    Thanx all,,,,,,very helpful.


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