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Thread: Suppository Q's

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    Suppository Q's

    Hi all i have been using a 10mg Bisacodyl sup for 6 yrs in my BP over the last couple of months they just aren't doing the trick, i have not changed anything in my routines, lots of water,fruit,veg,fiber,colace ,etc.
    Is it possible that a 10mg just isnt doing it and i need a stronger suppository ?
    Is there such thing as a 15mg sup ?
    Could i try 1 1/2 sup's to experiment ?

    signed... frustrated on the commode

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    Yes, sometimes the suppository becomes less effective over time. There is not a 15mg suppostory, some folks do try 2 suppositories at a time. Other options include the Enemeeze minienema or the CEO2 suppository. This gives your bowel something different to work on.


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    Many people find that the Magic Bullet brand bisacodyl suppository works better than Dulcolax or generic bisacodyl suppositories. Even though both are 10 mg., but carrier/base in the Magic Bullet allows more rapid and complete absorption of the bisacodyl, and it may work faster and more completely. Have you tried these?


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    i use less than half of the magic bullet and it works great.
    if i use the whole thing i'll get The dreaded "butt snot " during the day.


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    use the bullet

    I find the bullet is the charm, c-7 quad that controls his own program

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    Thanks All going hunting for some of those bullits

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    Magic Bullets

    another place to find them I also use 703 Inner Cleanse! and it has cut my bowel program time in half. And there has been no side effects, no stomach cramps, and no unwanted accidents. Plus the site is owned by a fellow quadriplegic. Plus I use thier cranberry pills for help stopping UTI S.

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    Magic Bullets

    I've found this to be the cheapest place to get MB's:

    I also agree they're the best! I used to use Dulcolax & they just quit working for me, I switched to MB & couldn't believe how fast they worked!

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    Worked hreat for me too. Try this site alittle cheaper.

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