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Thread: Scheer, et al. (2005). Reduced sleep efficiency in cervical spinal cord injury; association with abolished night time melatonin secretion.

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    my mom was trying to convince me to tell my doc that i can't sleep but i always said no. i hate taking more than i need to, and i definitely didn't want a sleep med. she mentioned melatonin supplements but i'm still wary because i don't feel fatigued from lack of sleep. the strange thing is, i never had a problem sleeping till recently, and my injury happened a year ago, although i am c6-7 incomplete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowtuna
    I've been using melatonin for about 7 years. It really makes me groggy. 3mg at bedtime. C5 29 years post.
    c-5 28 yrs post injury I take neurtion valium baclofen & morphine by pump still have that nasty nerve pain does melatonin help with pain?

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    My 78 y.o. Dad has a C-5 injury from Jan 15. 2006. He is suffering from extreme lethargy during the day and generally seems REALLY out of it a lot of the time. I was starting to suspect sleep apnea but now I wonder if this could be it. He is supposed to be transferred to a VA hospital next week. I guess they could test for this when he gets there?

    Wise, can you think of anything else that would cause him to become so extrememly tired most of the day, lose most short term memory, and become very confused at times? (He's been like this much more since being off the vent about 2 weeks ago.) And I don't see think anything in his list of meds that would cause it.

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    thank you dr.wise for posting so many amaizing things about sci .
    you help us a lot to fight sci.
    god bless you.
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    Melatonin works for me!

    I take two .3mg tablets before bed. I'm C6 almost 8 years post injury and I've been using melatonin for the past year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VJS
    I take two .3mg tablets before bed. I'm C6 almost 8 years post injury and I've been using melatonin for the past year.
    I've seen those .3mg which seem way too low of a dosage. I always buy 3mg. Been taking it for years. BTW, the best source that I have found is

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    My constant pains absolutely prevent me from getting much sleep. Either they keep me from falling asleep, or wake me up after a short period of sleep. I don't remember the last time I dreamed, so the sleep I do get must not be deep. Haven't found a sleep med that helps.

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    Circadian variations in melatonin and cortisol in patients with cervical spinal cord injury 5/2016


    Significantly higher melatonin levels were observed in the patient group in morning hours, whereas a significantly lower level of melatonin was found during the night time in the patient group than in the control group. Moreover, significantly higher values were obtained in the evening and night time serum cortisol levels among the patients compared with controls. Further, when the mean values of cortisol throughout the day were tested among patient and control groups similar circadian rhythm was found. The only difference being that serum cortisol declined much more in controls in evening and night samples as compared with CSCI patients.


    We conclude that circadian variations exist in the circulating levels of serum cortisol and melatonin in patients with CSCI. Low levels of melatonin secretion during night may contribute to the pervasive sleep disruption and increased pain perception.

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    I have been on Cicardin for 6 weeks, it has made a significant improvement in my life. Im 23 years post injury C4/5 Incomplete and I had worsening sleep patterns, pain, RLS, etc etc. In the UK my GP was reluctant to prescribe as im under 55 [ this is what the British Medical Council states ] Im now able to get windows of 2/3 hours uninterrupted which is a significant improvement.

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