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Thread: Wow, This Is A Scientist I Admire in the US!!! What an inspiration!!!

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    Wow, This Is A Scientist I Admire in the US!!! What an inspiration!!!

    YES, here is a scientist in the US, who is on the same path as Dr. Hwang in so. Korea!!

    Scientist Working Against The Odds

    Courant Staff Writer

    September 12 2005

    Before cancer kills him, University of Connecticut scientist Xiangzhong "Jerry" Yang is determined to create human embryonic stem cells by cloning and see those cells implanted in a patient.

    By spring, the former pig farmer born in rural China wants to have created the first cloned embryos in the United States by fusing skin cells of medical patients with unfertilized eggs. UConn would be the first institution in the United States to offer researchers working on diseases such as Parkinson's or diabetes human embryonic cells genetically identical to the patients with those diseases.

    "This is my dream," Yang said.

    Yet as university officials ponder whether to make a multimillion-dollar bet on the promising but controversial research, they have to make a cold-hearted calculation.

    Can Yang's dream survive if he isn't around to see it through?

    To achieve his goal, Yang will have to overcome institutional caution, address ethical and religious concerns of many, including UConn Health Center's director, and answer scientific questions about the viability, efficacy and safety of human embryonic cells.

    He also will have to outrun his own cancer, which has moved from his face to both lungs. His cancer has resisted seven surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy treatments and now threatens his life.......

    His optimism was buoyed this spring by two pieces of news.

    The first came in May when South Korean scientists became the first to create customized human embryonic stem-cell lines through cloning, using techniques similar to those employed by Yang. Weeks later, the Connecticut legislature passed a 10-year, $100 million initiative to fund human stem-cell research. The legislation authorizes therapeutic cloning as envisioned by Yang.

    While undergoing experimental chemotherapy treatments in Boston, Yang has launched a vigorous campaign to make therapeutic cloning a reality at UConn. He has been recruiting scientists familiar with scientific, legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of human embryonic cells. He has gained tentative approval from university officials to create a new stem-cell institute that would include scientists from both the Storrs and Farmington campuses. He has started a series of Internet seminars featuring experts on stem-cell research that link scientists at both campuses.

    "I certainly do care about religious concerns. I really don't want to create a fight," Yang said. "It is like the fight over a test-tube baby. A million kids were born because of that technology. Once I can show that the technology can take skin cells and help treat cancer and other diseases, then religious and non-religious people will all be happy about that."

    He added: "Until you have a major disease, you don't understand how important this is, the impact that medical advances can have.",print.story
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