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Thread: Administering first aid

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    Administering first aid

    My 13-year-old son, Ruslan, lives almost full-time with his father (C-7 quad complete). Like most boys his age, he's very active and occasionally gets those scrapes, cuts, etc. I'm not overly concerned about those, because he and his father can take care of them.

    However, not too long ago Ru was with me and started to choke on some fajita meat. I administered the Heimlich and the meat popped out. But it got me thinking about the best way for his father to do that ... or CPR or a host of other life-saving techniques.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? My ex will not read this forum, but if there's something that will help him, he's always willing for me to pass it on to him.

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    In Australia we don't teach the Heimlich anymore. For an obstruction we teach the "head low between the shoulder blow". The casualty is placed in a head low position, say acroos a lap. and the first aider adminsiters short blows between the shoulder blades (as firmly as if you are trying to get ketchup out of a bottle).

    As for CPR , it would depend entirely on the position of the casualty.. since they are usually on the floor, unless you partner can throw himself out of his chair in a good position.. I would suggest having the local emergency number handy at all times. Reme,ber that in many first aid situations a casualty has a much better chance at survival if they are placed on their side (the recovery position) even if your ex partner cannot get the casualty into the 'ideal' recovery position, any side position with the head tilted back is better than laying on their back.
    Of course this depends on upper arm strength and gripping strength.

    Hope this helps, but hopefully you or you ex partner will never have to test this out.

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